The 10 Fastest Ways to Lose Stomach Fat: Without Crunches

Lose stomach fat

Lose Stomach Fat Fast

Sit-ups and crunches are not the fastest way to lose stomach fat and keep it off. Lean abdominals are created with lifestyle. There are 10 specific habits of individuals with lean abs and these practices are listed below:

1. Where you go your water should follow.

This is the number one appetite suppressant and natural fat burner!

2. Cut out Mc D’s

As Gabe says in is book “Body Spartan: Genesis” fast foods chalk up to some serious visceral fat that is impossible to get rid of without elimination of these foods. This fat primarily plants itself in the stomach region and is not easily eradicated. If you have been addicted to fast food and have made a choice to leave it in your past, I strongly advise that you consider a full body detox immediately.

3. Exchange soda and flavored drinks for spring water.

Water alternatives can be the culprits of stubborn fat that has accumulated and will not disappear! Check out Gabe’s book to learn more about more silent sabotages that could be keeping you from meeting your fat loss goals.

4. Engage your core while doing weight bearing exercises.

Keep your stomach muscles contracted while performing any exercise (even standing in line at the bank and it will triple your belly fat loss success rate.

5. If you forget to engage (flex) your abdominal muscles, then wrap them up!

I used a belly bandit post baby because I had some MAJOR abdominal fat to lose and had heard this helped. Indeed, this method helped shrink my core using post pregnancy relaxin but also reminded me to keep those abs controlled and tight whenever possible. It began to train my abdominal muscles even thought I did not see them for 10 months.

6. Whether you see your abdominal muscles or not they are still under there, so be sure to train them!

You have a lot of weight to lose before your stomach reveals abdominals but do not discount the importance of training your ab muscles now. Your layers of fat will disappear gradually, at 16-18% body fat you will reveal abdominal muscles faster because have already trained them to maturity.

7. In addition to the weight bearing exercises to help you burn belly fat, you’ll also need to add non-weight bearing exercises

These would be walking, running, sprinting, biking and jogging biking and rowing. Weight bearing and non-weight bearing exercises combined with weight training and cardio are proven to be better for fat burning than crunches alone.

8. Remember to make wise food choices and keep calories at a deficit to lose body fat! This simple tip is the number one most important tip to success.

It makes up 80-90% of the total effort invested and is 80-90%   responsible for the results. Without this component you may build muscle and feel better without seeing a loss in stomach fat. Body Spartan can create a personalized diet for you here.

9. If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying! After a couple of weeks your results may slow but Don’t give up!

That could be a sign your body is adjusting to all of the positive stimulus you are throwing at it! Keep going! You’re getting there! You are closer now to losing all that stomach fat than ever! Keep you mind fixed on your goals.

10. Prepare to continue your fit lifestyle to maintain results.

Losing belly fat is a way of life, a new life plan. Prepare to stick with your nutrition plan, exercise and new lifestyle if you want to keep your results. Remember, overall fitness and nutrition is the key for losing stomach fat, and making sure it doesn’t come back!

It may feel like a long  journey but you can and will lose stomach fat with these 10 tips. Keep striving for your goals and inspire others, Spartans!


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