The 5 Benefits of CBD in the Workplace

CBD in the Workplace, CBD

Working day in and day out is hard. Even a person who loves their job may have days when it is hard to get up and get themselves excited about going into work. Unfortunately, most jobs come with some negative side effects, making it hard for a person to work productively every day. Cannabidiol oil has the potential to help a person with certain health issues. Below is a list of the 5 benefits of CBD in the workplace.

Many people don’t realize that their job is actually taking a toll on their physical and/or mental health. For example, a person who sits in a chair, at a desk and is typing all day could suffer from carpal tunnel or back pain. Another example, a person who loves being outside who works in an office could end up being clinically depressed.

CBD oil has shown some potential in helping people with certain health conditions. Although there is not much research the possible benefits of CBD oil in the workplace are worth exploring.


Most people have taken some sort of over-the-counter pain medication to help with minor aches and pains and with chronic pain. The problem is that some people prefer not to take manufactured medications. They would prefer to find some sort of natural way to relieve pain. Researchers believe CBD could help some people with chronic pain, stiffness and minor aches. For a person who struggles with pain in their hands, from typing or back pain, from sitting all day CBD could be a natural remedy.

Stop smoking and/or taking drugs

One of the biggest issues in the workplace is interrupted productivity from smoke breaks. People who smoke are allowed to take 10 minute breaks several times a day. Based on preliminary research people who used CBD in an inhaler have been shown to smoke less and have less craving for the nicotine. The same type of preliminary results suggest that CBD oil may help reduce withdrawal symptoms or possibly eliminate them altogether.

Reduce anxiety

There are a lot of workers who opt to work from home because they cannot manage their anxiety, be it general anxiety, social anxiety or OCD. A person working from home may struggle to stay motivated lessening their level of productivity. The initial results for people using CBD to help reduce their anxiety have been positive. And it also has been reported by medical practitioners who are pursuing hypnosis continuing education that hypnosis helps a great deal in alleviating the anxiety of anxiety-stricken people.

Many of the manufactured medications available today come with a variety of negative side effects. As a result, CBD is being looked at as a potential option for those who have an anxiety disorder. By helping a person reduce or overcome their anxiety they will be more able to function and be more productive, whether it’s at home or in the workplace.

Lower healthcare costs

Another potential benefit could be lower healthcare costs. As the rise of type I diabetes continues there is minimal research that shows CBD lessons swelling of the pancreas for a person with type I diabetes. Should that, with further research, be the case there may be potential for a CBD treatment.

Having a more natural treatment could equal lower healthcare costs for businesses. There is also been some research that shows CBD could help Alzheimer’s patients by preventing the deficit of social recognition. The long-term benefits could help early-stage Alzheimer’s patients from typical symptoms.

Productivity in the Workplace

Increased production

Employees today have so much going on in their heads between work, family, etc. Many people have a lot of trouble sleeping at night because they cannot get their head to stop spinning. Their minds are focused on what they did not accomplish that day and what they need to accomplish the next day.

As a result, some people use sleep aids, which can be highly addictive. They also have the potential to leave you with a feeling of fogginess the next morning. Initial research shows CBD oil could help a person get a full night’s rest, without the addictive additives. By getting a proper night’s sleep, without the feeling of grogginess, an employee is going to be much more productive and able to focus on his or her work.

It is important to be aware that although there has been some research on the uses of CBD most of that research has been on a small scale. It is imperative that should a person decide CBD may be an alternative for them that they discuss that with their healthcare provider before replacing any medications they are on now or to deal with a current issue.

Amazing Potential

The potential for CBD oil is very exciting, because along with all of the potential uses there seems to be very minimal side effects. In looking at the research so far the most common side effect appears to be tiredness. There has been a small number of people who have complained of diarrhea and changes in their weight and/or appetite. Otherwise, CBD seems to be tolerated very well by adults across a wide range of doses.

We sometimes get ourselves into such a routine that we don’t realize that we are suffering in silence. Working at the same job day in and day out is great because that means there is stability and a steady paycheck.

However, sometimes doing the same thing day in and day out can be harmful to certain parts of a person’s body like hands or back. In the workplace, a person who is in pain is less productive. Utilizing CBD oil as a natural medication could help alleviate many symptoms for people in the workplace. Alleviating symptoms allows people to be more productive in the workplace.

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