The Fitness Tip You Must Know To Stay Motivated

Many of you ask us how to stay motivated once you’ve made a decision to make a fitness transformation.  It’s a decision to cause something very powerful in your life and to not back down when defeat comes.

Everywhere around you, there is a resounding message of complacency. It’s not because the world is a lazy place. This is because it human nature to take the easiest route available. This is hardwired to preserve our personal comfort. You hear the voices around you that it’s normal to work a job that you hate and count the hours before you’re off for the day. If you’re living for the weekend, then you aren’t living. Really, you only get to enjoy Saturday which is one-seventh of your life. This is because you spend Sunday dreading Monday. On top of that, you will hear how normal it is to be 50+ pounds overweight and not be able to breathe walking up the stairs. But media will come to your rescue with “pills” to alleviate your depression, diabetes and heart failure. Yes, that’s typical, but it doesn’t have to be your story.

Permanent transformation calls for a complete mindset shift. If you’re not feeding your mind positive material, then you will automatically be fed what’s “wrong” with your inner critic and outside influences.

The pivotal point of staying motivated with physical transformation is personal development. This means feeding your mind, and “emotional fitness” before your physical fitness. They will feed off of each other. Personal development is reading or listening to audios that are selected to help you grow. It will help you create strategies and a positive mindset, in the areas that you want to develop. This will ultimately help you become who you desire to be.

For example, if your weakest link is follow-through, you would read or listen to a book like “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. If you need to grow in the area of self-confidence, you might go through “Awaken The Giant Within” by Tony Robbins. If you want to transition out of a job, you would go through a book like “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss.

If your mind is primed, you have self-belief and a more positive outlook on life. This confidence will be fundamental in your subconscious decision to continue working toward your goals.

When we take responsibility for the things we don’t like about your life, we no longer buy into the societal “diagnosis”. Suddenly the walls we thought we were imprisoned fall down all around us and we are free to live limitless. All it takes in the courage to believe that we are in control of our own physical experience.

Focus on your inside before you focus on your outside. This is what will make transformation lasting.

Gabe and I have created an unimaginable life because we are constantly reading auto biographies of the people that have succeeded. We are relentlessly learning about innovation in fitness, nutrition, and business. We are watching YouTube videos daily that keep us motivated and inspired. We’re listening to podcasts and audiobooks about others that have succeeded with physical fitness, transformations, and business. We’re also committed to staying in a positive mind set which is producing positive results.

When you think about the physical goals that you set, look inside yourself and see what areas you need to grow. Physical fitness is only a part of the journey; total life fitness is a vital part of the journey. It’s going to affect the way that your entire life is perceived by your mind. When you have a big dream in the gym, emotional fitness is where it all starts. Psychology is 80% of your entire fitness journey. I love you guys and I’m just so proud of every one of you and your success stories.

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