The leg workout your booty can’t live without.

Leg workout for girls

Eren and Priscilla redefine booty gains with this fat burning and physique shaping Leg Workout

The two matriarchs from Body Spartan team up together for some serious booty gains!, make sure to take note of these alternative exercises.

Tire Lifts:

Tire Lifts for Leg Workout

OK ladies!, Let’s get this booty building workout started with this solid compound movement. We used a weight loaded tire for this variation of reverse hack squat. It’s the perfect movement to get blood flowing to lower extremities. Hand placement can be under (shown by Priscilla) or over hand. Once grip is set, begin the exercise by siting back into your heals at a 45° angle. Once loaded back into your heels, you will explode back up and driving your hips forward, making sure to get a full squeeze with your glutes.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 5 1 minute
2 No 5 1 minute
3 No 5 1 minute
4 No 5 1 minute
 5 No 5 1 minute

Sumo Dead-lift:

Sumo dead lift for leg workout

Sumo dead lift leg workout

Normally our forte isn’t back to back compound movements, but we are here to build a strong booty. Strong glutes require strong legs, so we jump right into sumo Dead-lifts. Start by loading a barbell with adequate weight and approach the bar so that it intersects in the middle of your feet. You’ll take an extra wide stance so that when you squat down to grab the bar your hands are between your feet. You may do double over(standard) or mix grip for this movement. With your back level and facing forward, you will begin to drive through your knees and hips. As you pass your knees, you’ll continue to drive with your hips and start to really recruit those glutes. Make sure to squeeze at the top of this movement and then return the weight back to the ground.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 5 2 minutes
2 No 5 2 minutes
3 No 5 2 minutes
4 No 5 2 minutes
5 No 5 2 minutes

Spartan Thrusters:

Hip thruster for leg workout

Now that we have got your booty’s full attention, let’s share the fun with your quads in this awesome alternative thrust movement. The Spartan Thruster requires you to go down onto your knees and sit back onto your heels. From here you will contract your quads and drive forward with your hips, essentially sitting yourself up. At this point, you will slowly lower back down to your heels making sure the movement is controlled. You may use body weight or add weight such as a barbell plate.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 5 1 minute
2 No 5 1 minute
3 No 5 1 minute
4 No 5 1 minute
5 No 5 1 minute

Battle Ropes Sumo Squat:

Battle rope sumo squat for leg workout

OK ladies, we are almost out of the woods. By now your legs should be on fire! But you’re not done. Walk over to the battle ropes and pick them up. From here you will sit back into a squat, keeping constant tension on your glutes and quads. Now begin a series of single and double rope slams. Mix up the variations as they are mainly to distract you from the serious burn that’s happening in your legs. Finish your reps and begin to brace yourself as the pump will be unreal.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 30 sec 2 minutes
2 No 30 sec 2 minutes
3 No 30 sec 2 minutes
4 No 30 sec 2 minutes
5 No 30 sec 2 minutes



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