The mother of all chest workouts

Mother of all chest workouts

The mother of all chest workoutsLooking for the king of all chest workouts? Look no further.

Ahhhh it must be Monday, because its international chest day. Without a doubt this has to be the most popular, and common workout/body part to work out week after week for each and every guy. I give a lot of it do to the good old common question, “how much you bench?” Or because the gym is filled with the Monday/Tuesday warriors, that want to start the week off right before no showing the gym the rest of the week, and have no idea what to do when they get there, except for good old bench press or one of the thousand chest workouts they’ve read online.

Even though extremely common and the go to for pretty much everyone, chest is indeed a fun body part to work, and I am going to give a few new exercises in this chest routine.
Dumbbell Incline Press-4×10/10/8/6-8
Start with dumbbell and at incline setting because most people lack upper chest, and dumbbell fries your chest out more than barbell, making barbell harder once we do that after
Barbell Bench Press-3×10/8-10/8-10
The classic, make sure you are lifting as heavy, but as smooth as possible. Don’t just let momentum carry your threw each rep, actually squeeze and feel each rep during each set.
Peck Deck-3×15 (10 partials after each set)
This is not a power movement, no reason to be maxing on this, you should get a painful pump on these and see your striations pop out. After the inintal 15 bang out 10 more partials which would be just outside of the handles touching/the end of the movement.
Crossovers “the W” 3×15
Start with hands high and behind you and as you come down fluidly, make a scooping motion with your hands bring the handles together and rasing them to upper peck height. Picture as you are making a W, or like Ronald McDonald drawing out his golden arch upside down. This really hits the inner and upper chest as well as the outer and lower.
The Circut 2 x 10 (each station)
Now we finish strong on the incline bench, starting with barbell bench press, we bang out 10 reps, then with no break grab a pair of dumbbells(best to have all weight already laying around you) and slouch down to bang out some incline dumbbell flys, then grab a big single dumbbell for diamond press(still on the incline bench) then hit the floor and do 10 push ups. Go to your knees or have someone spot you if need be, but do not get off the floor until you hit 10! if you get threw this to easy then simply up the weight or reps on each set.
A little different, but you get an amazing pump and burn out in this workout and your upper chest will be lifted higher than a female life guard from Baywatch. Now you can flex fat, so get out there and lift!

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