This Facebook post is the reason you need workout motivation

Workout motivation picture

This Facebook post showed up in my feed and is the perfect example of why you need motivation.

Most of this post has been blurred due to the language used. However, pay close attention to the comment at the bottom.
Workout motivation


Well, Sasha was right that people are shallow.  I completely agree. However, the part about unrealistic expectations is something that I bump into all the time. I see this over and over again and hear these all to common statements:

  • “That’s not real life”
  • “That’s unattainable”
  • “There’s no way any normal person could look like that”
  • “Your expectations are unreasonable”

Here’s my response. If what you see on Body Spartan is any of the above, then how are the team members in the shape they are now? It’s simple – hard work and dedication, which is something I believe is a lost art in this society.  Everyone is looking for the easy way to get from point A to point b.  They want the magic pill.  Guess what? The only magic pill is the one labeled, “Hard work”.  If you think you work hard in the gym and you aren’t getting results, then it’s time to re-examine your strategy and plan of attack.

There’s always a way to attain your goals.  Guys, if you want to look like one of the Body Spartan Team Members, you can do it. Ladies, if you want to look like one of the WWE Divas or Body Spartan Team Members Jemma Palmer or Priscilla Tuft, you can do it.  The first thing we have to do though is change the way you think and create workout motivation.  I discuss motivation in my book, Body Spartan: Genesis and have an entire chapter on how to get motivated, stay that way, and reach your goals.  The only roadblock is the one in your head telling you that your goal is not attainable.

workout motivation from Team Body Spartan

For fitness and physique it boils down to three things:

  1. Weight Training
  2. Nutrition
  3. Workout Motivation

There’s no missing piece of the pie here.  It’s three ingredients to success, nothing more.  If you truly want something, you will find a way to make it happen.  Take for example the most common thing I hear, “I don’t have time to eat.”  Yes you do, end of story.  Here’s a quick lesson in time management.  How much TV do you watch on Sunday nights? In the amount of time it takes you to watch an hour of TV you could prepare a dozen chicken breasts on the BBQ and cook an entire vat of brown rice.  You could also portion out your meals in Tupperware containers for Monday, and maybe even Tuesday. If TV is your priority over healthy nutrition, you’ve lost the battle already.  Get up off the couch and make a change in your life.

What if I told you that you could change your physique and your quality of life in just 12 weeks?

Ashely (above) was only eight weeks into her program when she took the last picture.

Would you give me 100% of your dedication for all 12 weeks, not cheat on your nutrition plan, take all of your supplements religiously, and not miss a single workout or cardio session? If you’re answer is no, then stop reading now.  If your answer is yes though, then you’ve already made the choice in your head to succeed.  Now your next step is to find your workout motivation. You need to find the single driving force behind your 12 week journey and the reason for you to cross that finish line.  Once you’ve found that, I already have the road map laid out for you.  A single path to success with all of the guesswork removed.

Get motivated.

Buy my book.

Change your physique and your life today.

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