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I wasn’t always the confident, happy, successful personal I am today.  When I was in high school I weighed only 172lbs at 6’-3”. I was nerdy, had very few friends, and was basically an outcast. If one of my few friends didn’t show up to school I would eat lunch alone and wander the halls trying to look like I had something to do, when in reality I was just hoping no one would know I was alone.  College was the same way, only I was slightly more fit at about 205 lbs. I lacked confidence though and was generally shy and unsure of myself.  I sat in the back of the class, didn’t talk to anyone, and didn’t even try to make friends.

Finally, when I was 27 I told my wife,

That’s it. I want to have dreadlocks down to my butt and whenever I walk into a room be the biggest guy there.

It was a long, road filled with hard work but I made it. I have more confidence than ever, I’ve met my goals, and they’ve allowed me to attain other dreams such as being on TV with WWE, authoring a fitness book, and much more.

Gabe Tuft fitness challengesBody Spartan Challenge GroupNow I’m ready to give back and help others attain what I have. As of today, I pledge to PERSONALLY coach 5 people through one of our fitness programs starting on 10/20/14.

I can only take 5 people and as of this post I have 4 spots left. I know many of you will contact me but I can only take 5 who are dedicated, committed, and willing to go the distance.

The challenge begins on December 1, 2014. Step out of your comfort zone and send me a private message on Facebook or click below to start:

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