Train to become a professional wrestler

Become a professional wrestler

Body Beast is the perfect workout for professional wrestlersSo you want to become a professional wrestler and want to train like one. Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks shows you his secrets.

Training to be a pro-wrestler takes an immense amount of dedication in the ring and outside the ring. From my personal experience and exposure to the sport, the best wrestlers are the ones that are skilled at their craft and also look the part.  Don’t think you’re going to get a second look from WWE if you’re not in physically good shape.  This is an athletic sport and they are expecting you to look like an athlete. With the exception of a small handful of stars, the majority of them look the part of a professional athlete.  Look at the top performers over the past 10 years, they all look like athletes – John Cena, The Undertaker, Edge, Christian, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, and the list goes on.   Sure there’s a few outliers in the mix but don’t expect that you will be that 0.02% of the entire world’s population that gets lucky AND has enough talent to survive the initial weeding out process.

Getting into shape inside the ring is an animal all to itself and you’ll need to be trained by professionals at their schools.  However, looking the part is definitely an area we can discuss right here.  Keep in mind that I have personally tried and tested tons of different workouts over my 22 years of fitness training. Since I’ve retired from the ring and made a occasionally jump in the squared circle just to keep my wind up, I’ve figured out what keeps you in shape for you ring training the best. In other words, the workout I have in this article will not only help you look TV ready, but it will also help you get your stamina and endurance up for ring training, as well as help prevent injuries due to underdeveloped muscle groups.

Start with the basics

There’s no substitute for the stresses your body will endure while bumping in the ring. It’s an amazing amount of force that will knock the wind out of an average person.  A professional wrestler must be able to bump hard continuously and get back on his (or her) feet quickly and ready to dish out 100% effort the moment they reach their feet.  How do you duplicate that? You can’t, but you can come close.

First, it’s in the cardio

Train to become a professional wrestler

AM cardio on an empty stomach is always my go to prescription for those wanting to look the part of a professional athlete. Your body has been fasting for the entire time you are sleeping so it’s forced to work off of your body fat for fuel – IF you don’t ingest carbs or sugars before you do your session.  So wake up, drink a glass of water, and do your 20-30 minutes of cardio.

Steady state cardio vs HIIT training

For wrestling training, you need to do both. You will need to have a long term endurance capability as well as anaerobic capabilities.  Here’s what I recommend.

  • Steady state cardio: 2 days a week / 30 minute session / 80% max heart rate
  • HIIT training: 3 days a week / 15-20 minute session / 80% or higher max heart rate

If you need information on HIIT training, we wrote an entire article on it here.  HIIT training will help mimic the bursts of 100% effort you need to give in the ring.  Think about the average wrestling match. It’s basically, walk around, tease the crowd, lock up, wrestle a bit and then give full effort on your high spot where you are running ropes and bumping.  Then it suddenly stops.  It’s very similar to the stresses on your body when you do HIIT training.

The Workout

Professional wrestler workout

The biggest hurdle I’ve found with workout programs and training to be a pro wrestler is the disconnect in “getting big” and functional training. In other words, how do I duplicate the stresses put on my legs, back, arms, etc. as if I were in a match? How do I stay flexible, yet keep myself sizeable?

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