Tricep superset workout for massive gains

triceps workout using supersets

Supersets are a severely underused tactic to build muscle, especially for triceps.  This tricep workout is loaded with them.

Triceps workout for increasing muscle massSupersets – dreaded by some, loved by others, and sometimes just plain forgotten about.  They are incredibly effective at forcing blood into the target muscle group and ensuring that you get “dat pump”. This specific tactic, when done correctly, takes a muscle not only to failure but also to fatigue in the same set.  In short, you get the best of both styles of training in one exercise.

Why don’t we superset all the time?

For one, it is fairly exhausting on the muscles and the mind. Don’t let that be your excuse though.  The real reason we don’t superset all the time is because body building requires variety.  The human body is an incredibly adaptive machine and if we perform the same exercises with the same intensity over and over again, the body will adapt and you simply will not gain any new muscle mass.

Triceps workouts using superset exercisesWhy superset with triceps?

While many people think that the secret to big arms is the biceps and doing lots and lots of curls, the truth is that the triceps make up about 2/3 of the muscle mass in your arm.  That part of your arm that stretches out the sleeve – yeah, it’s your triceps dude. Biceps are an integral part too but to get that awesome horseshoe, you’ve got to blast the triceps, and blast ‘em hard.

Triceps Superset Workout by T-Reks

Every exercise for triceps will end with a large superset.  To do this, you will start with a weight that allows you to just barely get the specified reps and takes you to failure.  Then, you will instantly drop the weight and push a weight that is approximately 60% lighter than what you had and get 12 reps.  The workout is below:

Warm-up: Rope tricep pushdowns

Set Weight Reps Superset Weight Superset Reps Rest period between sets
1 Light 10 N/A N/A 1 minute
1 Light 10 N/A N/A 1 minute
1 Light 10 N/A N/A 1 minute
1 Light 10 N/A N/A 1 minute


Tricep Workout: Use this rep scheme for all exercises

Set Weight Reps Superset Weight Superset Reps Rest Period between sets
1 60% of max 12 None None 60 seconds
2 70% of max 10 None None 60 seconds
3 80% of max 8 None None 60 seconds
4 90% of max 6 60% of weight 12 None



  • Machine or hammer strength dips
  • Overhead dumbbell extensions
  • Barbell skull crushers
  • Reverse grip, cable pull downs, single arm
  • Tricep dips (no weight) – no superset here.  Just do one set, as many as you can.
    • Use the assisted machine, if needed
  • Tricep cable push-downs with straight bar

Try this workout for the next four weeks and then be sure to rotate to either strength training or endurance training.

Printable worksheet

You can download the printable worksheets in PDF format for this workout by clicking the download link below:

Download Printable Worksheets

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Triceps workout with supersets

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