Triceps workout

Triceps workout from Body Spartan

Triceps: they take up 2/3 of your arm and stretch your sleeves out. This big triceps workout will turns heads!

While most people are concerned with growing their biceps, the guys with the massive arms know that a solid triceps workout is the key to arms that make the ladies go, “ooooh”.  The triceps muscles are a group of three muscles that take up approximate two-thirds of your arm.  Getting them to grow massive is the goal here, and this can only be accomplished by volume.  Yes, lots and lots of volume.


My best results have come from ensuring that the triceps are loaded with blood and that the pump is insane. While most people think this can be accomplished by doing high reps, which is partially true, I have found that it’s much more about the mind-muscle connection.  Literally closing your eyes during a set and focusing on JUST using the triceps will spur new growth in the muscles.  Additionally, focusing on keeping the muscle flexed in both the positive and negative motion will bring results like you’ve never seen.

It’s not about moving the weight, it’s about the contraction

Has someone ever yelled at you, “Move the weight!” in the middle of a set? While it may fuel your fire at that instant to finish up that triceps superset or blast through a few more reps, “moving the weight” will not get you the arms you want.  Instead, the secret is to literally focus on the target muscle group and force yourself to contract JUST those muscles to move the weight through the full range of motion.

For example, in a normal triceps workout you would probably incorporate barbell skull crushers (overhead triceps extensions). Many people overload the weight to feed their ego and end up recruiting their shoulders and upper back to push out the reps. While there is a time and a place for cheating reps, if you consistently do it and don’t have a full understanding of the mind-muscle connection to the target muscle group, you simply won’t grow past your plateau.   The next time you perform any exercise in your triceps workout, or any workout for that matter, consciously focus on flexing your triceps AND ONLY your triceps, with the direct result being the movement of the weights in your hands.

Yes, you will have to drop the weight. As Kai Greene says, “The weight will come”. For now though, focus on the mechanics and using the muscles you are trying to target to their full capability. This will allow you to recruit more muscle fibers and increase your muscular endurance.  The result = growth.

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Body Spartan Triceps Workout

Note: All weights shown in this workout are the weights that I personally use. It’s imperitive that you choose weight for your sets that is inline with your level of development and expertise. This is NOT an excuse to be lazy and not push yourself, it’s just a reminder to start light and work your way to the heavier weights.

Triceps push downs with rope attachment

Set Drop Set Reps Weight (lbs) Rest
1 No 20 50 1 minute
2 No 15 70 1 minute
3 No 15 80 1 minute
4 No 15 90 1 minute

Hammer Strength Dip Machine

Set Drop Set Reps Weight  Rest
1 No 20 2 plates (45 lbs) each side 1 minute
2 No 15 3 plates each side 1 minute
3 No 15 4 plates each side 1 minute
4 Yes 5-8 5 plates each side None
Yes 10-15 4 plates each side None
Yes 10-15 3 plates each side None
Yes 20 2 plates each side

EZ Curl Skull Crushers (overhead triceps extensions)

Set Drop Set Reps Weight  Rest
1 No 15 1 plate (45 lbs) each side 1 minute
2 No 15 1 plate + 1 10lbs weight each side 1 minute
3 No 8-12 1 plate + 2 10lbs weight each side 1 minute
4 Yes 5-8 1 plate + 3 10lbs weight each side None
Yes 10-15 1 plate each side None
Super set w/ close grip press Yes 10-15 1 plate each side None

Seated dumbbell overhead extensions

Set Drop Set Reps Weight (lbs) Rest
1 No 15 100 1 minute
2 No 15 120 1 minute
3 No 10-15 120 1 minute
4 Yes 8-12 120 None
Yes 10-15 90 None
Yes 15-20 60 None

Cable triceps push down, medium grip, underhand

Set Super Set Reps Weight (lbs) Rest
1 Yes 20 150 None
Super set w/overhand grip 20 150 1 minute
2 Yes 20 135 None
Super set w/overhand grip 20 135 1 minute
 3 Yes 20 100 None
Super set w/overhand grip 20 100 1 minute
4 Yes 20 90 None
Super set w/overhand grip 20 90

Wrapping it all up

If you still have energy and feel like you might be able to reach your arms up to shampoo your hair, then it’s time to hit some single arm overhead dumbbell extensions. Try four sets of 15. That should completely lay waste to your triceps once and for all.

Remember, the goal is to force as much blood into those muscle cells as possible and optimize hypertrophy.

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