Unleashed bulking program is coming in November 2017

Unleashed bulking program trailer

Our new lean bulking program, “UNLEASHED”  is set to be released at midnight on Thanksgiving 2016

Unlike any program out there, the Unleashed Bulking Program is the first true bulking program with over 80 different workouts. No two workouts are the same and every day has a video included to show you how to maximize each movement with Gabe Tuft’s personal secrets. Watch the 2 minute video below to see what it’s all about!

What you’ll get with the Unleashed Bulking Program from Body Spartan:

  • Over 80 different workouts with increasing intensity
  • Lean bulk nutrition program with auto-calculated macros
  • Cardio schedule and cardio calculator
  • Meal frequency tracker – tells you when to increase your meal frequency
  • Body composition tracker
  • 5 Pre-season videos designed to fully explain the Unleashed Program’s theory, and critical points for success
  • Supplement guide

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Why the Unleashed Bulking Program?

Packing on muscle with a bulking program isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can’t just eat whatever you want and hope to get big. You have to crank up the intensity slowly and as you do so, increase everything else that goes along with it. This includes meals, supplements, and cardio. There’s a formula we’ve found for this bulking program that will keep you lean and ensure you pack on more lean muscle than you ever have.

Shocking the muscles with this bulking program

Shocking the muscles is one way to continuously keep them from adapting and continue growing. That’s why, with this bulking program, we’ve created over 80 different workouts. The workouts have been carefully prepared so that each week, the intensity will increase. The combination of mixing up the workouts and the increased intensity with weight and volume will never allow your muscles to adapt. The result is a rapid explosion in muscle growth.

Also, most bulking programs focus on heavy weight and low reps to get your strength up. We will be incorporating as heavy weight as possible, but the Unleashed Program will require LOTS of volume. There’s no better way to make your muscles grow than to get the muscle cells full of blood and expand the fascia – AKA: the pump.

Bulking program

Daily videos with the Unleashed Bulking Program

Every day, you will have access to a brand new instructional video. In these videos, Gabe Tuft, will discuss all his tips and tricks for every exercise in that specific workout. He will show you proper form AND his secret tweaks to maximize your muscle engagement and ultimately – muscle growth. It’s about working smarter, with this bulking program.

First bulking program to have a “course style” layout

The Unleashed Bulking Program will begin with 5, “pre-season” videos that you will be required to watch before the actual workouts are unlocked. This is done specifically to ensure that each person understands every facet of the program. The training style that we incorporated is unique, and utilizes secrets from pro-bodybuilders and nationally qualified fitness competitors. These are highly coveted secrets that are not mainstream news. Understanding these concepts and training styles will afford you greater success with the bulking program.

Once you’ve completed the pre-season videos, you will have the following week’s content unlocked to you. On the last day of the week, the following week’s content will then be released to you. This is done so that you do not skip ahead or focus on the workouts to come. We want your mind focused on the workouts for the week and not worrying about what next week’s workouts will be. We also don’t want you skipping around, since the workouts are designed with increasing intensity. If you do them out of order, you won’t get the same results. We’ve taken every precaution to ensure that you follow the bulking program as outlined for maximum success!

Sneak peek of the Unleashed Bulking Program dashboard below!

This is just one of many screens on the Unleashed Bulking Program dashboard. We included a full nutrition section and also a body composition tracker where you can track your measurements, weight, and more!

Bulking program by Body Spartan

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