What happened to Body Spartan?

Body spartan now offering Beach Body

Body spartan now offering Beach BodyWe partnered up with Beach Body to bring you the most effective and success-driven programs in the world.

I didn’t sell out in WWE and I’m not selling out now.  Instead, I (we) have teamed up with one of the largest and most successful fitness companies in the world. We tediously reviewed each one of their programs and chose a small handful that we are confident will bring our readers results.  In fact, we’re so confident in these new programs that we are going to do them with you. Yeah, that’s right – I AM GOING TO DO THEM WITH YOU…and so is the team.

Body Spartan user Elizabeth Ashley StockdaleWhat about the Body Spartan Program and Book?

Body Spartan: Genesis is a fantastic program and book and has gotten amazing results for our users. In fact, the results speak for themselves.  Elizabeth has lost 55lbs in ust 5 months on the program. Don’t worry, Body Spartan: Genesis is still available here on the site. However, we were contacted by an enormous amount of people that didn’t have access to a gym and needed an in-home workout. Body Spartan: Genesis is for gym rats – plain and simple.  The new programs we are offering though can be done in your home, in a fraction of the time Body Spartan: Genesis takes.  Our Beachbody programs are for those people that have busy lifestyles and only a short amount of time to dedicate to fitness.

Challenge Groups

Each month our team will be opening up a challenge group to a limited number of people. Each one of our coaches will only be able to take 5 people under their wing. It’s exclusive, one on one interaction with the Body Spartan staff.  We’ll do the program with you and do whatever it takes to make sure you succeed.  Our formula is nutrition + fitness + support = SUCCESS!!

If you want to sign up for this month’s challenge group, be sure to sign up for updates and follow us on Facebook.  We’ll be announcing the challenge group shortly. In the meantime, if you want to scope out our challenge group page, click here.

Find us on Facebook and request to join our Challenge Group to be added to our secret Facebook Group.   Body Spartan Facebook

We know you’ll love the new Body Spartan and look forward to seeing your success!




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