What Supplements Do You Take?

Body Spartan - What Supplements Do YOU Take? - Brian Cage

Body Spartan - What Supplements Do YOU Take? - Brian CageWhat Do You Take?

Often while waiting in line at the store, or theater or mixing a shake up after a workout, people are always asking, “Hey, what supplements do you take?”

A question usually brought up in innocence and general curiosity, but over the long haul it does become rather tiresome. More so due to the fact that a lot of people ask as if there is this magic pill that if they knew about it and take it they can achieve their dream physique in matter of weeks. Well don’t mean to be rude but that doesn’t exist. Yes supplements help out a lot, and I take many of them. But in no way shape or form is that the sole reason for my physique. The best supplements in the world, legal or otherwise can’t produce results without the same time and hard work that any other high level athlete or competitor goes through.  So please don’t be fooled by all the fancy labels and ads you see in all the fitness magazines. That being said, I am going to break down my top 5 favorite and most beneficial supplements that I take every day.


#1: Protein –

This should be #1 on everyone’s list, because it is without a doubt the single most important and most used supplement period. And in actuality its more of a food source than a supplement, but either way to help fit in all those “G’s of P’s” (grams of protein) and to hit that anabolic window post workout, you have to have a protein powder source. Isolate protein preferable, and right now I love Max Muscles new Max Iso protein. The berry blast and watermelon flavors are legit!


#2: BCAA’s –

I’m a big fan and believer in BCAA’s intra workout, especially when dieting and calories are restricted. Branch Chain Amino Acids are the most anabolic out of the amino acid chain (what makes up protein) and ones that your body cannot produce on their own. It helps increase recovery and reduces fatigue. Some people don’t believe you need additional BCAAS outside of your protein source but I can tell the difference between having BCAAs during a workout and not. Scivations-Xtend is my top choice


Brian Cage - Here Are Lots of Bodybuilding Supplements - Body Spartan#3: Pre Workout –

Now not entirely a necessity, but boy does it work and have these guys become one of the most popular supplements of all time. I started my journey without using one, but I absolutely love taking pre workout and constantly cycling it. That’s right, I Use it all the time, and they are great for smashing PRs and hitting workouts harder than before, but make sure you take a week or two off after 8weeks of continued use. Otherwise you will fry your adrenal glands and then you are really screwed. Once you stop feeling it and want to increase dosage, that’s when you know you’ve been on to long! I never do more the recommended serving size for my weight. All of them work, and I rotate them, currently on AdreNOlyn Cuts, by black market


#4: Fiber –

Might sound surprising but fiber is an excellent supplement that not only will keep you regular, especially on a carb restricted diet, but will also eliminate chances of getting colon cancer. And most importantly reduce bloat and burn fat! A nice trick I do before cheat meal is consume some fiber and it helps it go thru me without weighing me down for multiple days. Max Muscles Nutraceuticals Fiber is my favorite.


#5: Multi-Vitamin –

Well I think this one is self explanatory, and when working hard day in and day out you need to make sure your body has all the proper nutrition and vitamins to keep it working and your immune system strong and intact! And the bigger you are and harder you work the more vitamins your body needs, so I know you are probably thinking it’s not that important, but trust me don’t slack on these, again, especially when on a restricted diet.


Honorable Mentions –

Two supplements that I really like but do not constantly use are Kre-alkalyn Creatine and Glutamine. Both of these are shown at the bottom of this article for quick reference.


There you go, Body Spartans. I use these supplements all the time, and they are always in my supply.


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