Where’s my hoodie bro?

As a new company, we’ve made every attempt to streamline our operations to be better for you. Back in September we hired a major, enterprise level, worldwide drop shipping company called Shipwire, to handle all of our order processing. They currently have all of our inventory and have told us they are backed up from all the holiday orders with every merchant they handle.

We did the best we could from our end to meet our shipping deadline. If you haven’t received your hoodie yet, we’re as frustrated as you, trust us. We were told shipping would be happening between December 7th and the 14th. Obviously we’re way past that right now and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do until Shipwire gets to our inventory.

We’re going to make sure everyone gets their apparel it’s just taking much longer than we had ever expected due to the backup with the drop shippers.  In it’s own crazy way, this issue has shown us here at Body Spartan, how quick a movement can catch on. We are shocked and humbled by the explosion of the popularity of our apparel and our motivational videos. We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts and hope that you will stick with us.

If at any point the wait becomes too long for you, just let us know and we will issue you a refund. If you’d like a personal status update, please use our live chat feature to speak with a team member or leave us a message. Also, please note that we have been flooded with phone calls and we are doing our best to return them all. The best way to reach us right now is via email or our live chat feature.

Thank you for your patience and for seeing that this is far more than just apparel, this is a movement, a way of life, and shift in the way you think:

Lead • Inspire • Motivate

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