Which Types of CBD are best for Bodybuilding and Working out?

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As CBD becomes more recognized as a tool for bodybuilding and working out. So, more and more people are wondering which types of CBD are best for bodybuilding and working out? Unfortunately, there is not one clear-cut answer because just like prescription medications or other health aids each person’s body reacts differently.

What works for one person may not work for another person in the same way. The best solution in this case is to do extensive research, talk to your doctor and trial and error. Once a person has decided to incorporate CBD into their bodybuilding and working out regiment he or she will need to try different combinations.

With that being said, we can at least look at what options are available. By knowing what is out there a person is more able to make an educated decision about which type of CBD might be best for them.

Be aware that as we explore the different possibilities, there has not been extensive research done on any of the options to prove anything conclusively. It is imperative that a person deciding to use CBD along with bodybuilding and working out talk with their doctor first. The person’s doctor will be able to look at any other medications and/or supplements they are using now to determine if there could be any issues.

CBD Hemp Oil

Hemp oil, which is also known as Cannabis Sativa, comes from seeds rather than the leaves. As a result the natural concentration has a very high percentage of CBD with only trace amounts of THC. This is good because higher concentrations of THC come with psychoactive side effects.

Hemp oil has been shown to help some people with stress and anxiety. Anyone who is a bodybuilder or a person who likes to work out knows stress and anxiety can interfere with weight loss and muscle gain. Hemp oil has also shown to be a natural sleep aid for some people. Getting enough sleep is also important for anyone who is lifting weights or working out on a regular basis.

This type of oil is fairly concentrated and will have a stronger effect on most people. It is recommended that anyone choosing to use hemp oil start out with lower doses increasing as necessary.

Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are the purest and quickest way to ingest CBD. It comes in a 1 or 2 ounce bottle, with a dropper included. A person will need to squeeze a drop or two under their tongue, for the fastest results. Or a person could mix it into a drink or incorporated into a food recipe.

Although this form of CBD has high concentrations of CBD it is not as strong as hemp oil. This form of CBD is best used for someone with mild conditions. For example someone who has mild levels of stress or anxiety might use this form.

Cannabis Topicals

For a person who has recently worked out and is having some localized pain a cannabis topical might be the perfect option. They come in the form of palms, lotions, skin butter, creams and cold oils that are infused with CBD. The CBD with in the product works quickly as a pain reliever.

It has proven, for some people, to be better at relieving pain than some anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications. And because the cream or lotion is localized and all-natural it does not do any harm to any other part of a person’s body. Unlike, for example some anti-inflammatories can take a toll on a person’s liver.

These CBD items can also help with dry skin, acne and bug bites. CBD has a lot of antioxidants which have shown to help some people keep their skin looking younger.

Cannabis Indica

body building and working out

This type of cannabis has high levels of CBD also. It is a different type of strand from the Sativa in that it addresses different areas. For example, this type of strand is best for helping a person fight stress, gives a person better focus, helps with feelings of peace and improves a person’s sleep. All of those areas can help or hurt a bodybuilder or someone working out.

By being able to relax, get a goodnights sleep and focus a person’s work out will be more productive and build more muscle while fighting fat cells.

In Conclusion

One of the most important factors to remember when deciding is that whatever cannabis a person uses should have higher levels of CBD, with only trace amounts of THC. The purpose of using CBD is to gain the positive, natural effects that help with stress, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, etc. THC in higher levels can create a psychoactive effect, which a bodybuilder or someone working out would not want.

CBD has the potential to help lots of different people in many different ways, especially for bodybuilding and working out. Be sure to do your homework/research. Talk with your physician about which path may be best for you and make sure you start out on the low end. You can always work your way up as you tinker with the right combination for you.

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