Why you must add pull ups to your back exercises

Pull ups are one of the essential back exercises

Pull ups are foundation of all back exercises.  JTG explains why below.

Hey there Body Spartans! Okay, who wants to fly? I hope that you do, because the workout I’m about to drop on you will have your lats spreading like an eagle’s wings!

Now if you are not a stranger to the gym, then you know that everyone does pull ups as part of their back exercises. If you are a stranger to the gym, then you just learned something new! The routine that I am going to show you today is something that I like to call the “Wing Spreader” and, of course, incorporates pull ups.  The Wing Spreader requires a dumbbell at a weight that you are comfortable with. Personally, I like to use dumbbells that are anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds for this workout. The purpose of the dumbbell is to grasp it in between your feet to give you extra weight while you’re doing pull ups.

Back exercises should include pull ups

For this routine, I do 10 reps with the free weight dumbbell. After 10 reps, I let go of the weight between my feet and bang out as many pull-ups as I can with my regular body weight. About four sets of Wing Spreaders should get your lats burning! Remember, you have to feel the burn in your back exercises or they’re useless.

After about a week or two, don’t forget to alternate the free weight dumbbell for this exercise. You don’t want your muscles to get too used to the same weight. Take it slow and build up your weight as you feel necessary. You need to challenge yourself but you need to do it without hurting yourself.

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