Workout and fitness motivation: Finding your “WHY”

Fitness motivation and workout motivation tips

If you’re looking for fitness motivation and workout motivation, you need to ask yourself “why”.

workout and fitness motivationOne of the many things we here at Body Spartan do, is help people establish their fitness motivation. Whether it is by regularly attending the gym or by using pull up bars like these at home, we help our clients exceed their limitations and show them what they can accomplish with just a  little hard work and commitment. Without motivation, there is no drive.  Without drive, there can be no real reason to succeed.  This is the reason that so many people who embark on a fitness program or workout program end up abandoning it half way through.  Many of us have started down the path of improving their health and physiques only to find that suddenly, there wasn’t time to workout, or they were just too tired, or there’s just too much going on to get to the gym today or to workout today.  If that sounds familiar, then it’s time for us to find your “why”.

A person’s “why” is the single most important aspect of their fitness or workout program. It’s the driving force that get’s them out of bed an hour early to make it to the gym, or to do meal preparation, or to simply not reach into the cookie jar.  It’s the one element in your program that will push you past where you’ve been before, beyond what you thought you were ever capable of.

To find your “why”, you must first ask yourself this question, “Why am I starting this fitness program or workout program?”  The typical answer will be something like this:

“I want to lose weight”

“I want to fit into my skinny jeans”

“I want to have more muscle and be shredded”

“I want to be healthier”

I’m guessing that all of these answers sound familiar as well and that we’ve all said them to ourselves or said them out loud. Now these are all good answers but they are not quite yet your “why”.  At this point, and based on the common answers above, I want you to ask yourself these questions:

Fitness motivation“WHY do I want to lose weight?”

“WHY do I want to fit into my skinny jeans?”

“WHY do I want to have more muscle and be shredded?”

“WHY do I want to be healthier?”

When you add “why” in front of these questions, it forces you to dig deeper for your true fitness motivation.  For example, when I ask my support group participants “why they want to fit into their skinny jeans” I will get answers like these:

“Honestly, I want to look better for my husband and be the only one that he is interested in.”

“I just had a bad breakup and I am back on the dating scene. I need to look my best”

Another example would be when I ask the guys participating in Body Beast, “Why do you want to be shredded?” they’ll say things like:

“I’m tired of being the overweight kid. It’s haunted me all of my life. I’m done being picked on and want to change and rise above the ridicule.”

“My blood pressure and cholesterol are high and I’m worried about having a heart attack. I have a wife and a daughter and I can’t imagine leaving them on their own.”

Now these are “why’s”.  These are emotional reasons for following through with your fitness program or workout program.  Remembering that you’ve been picked on all your life for being overweight and you aren’t going to take it anymore is one heck of a reason to stick to your nutrition program and get up early to do empty stomach cardio.  Remembering that the doctor has warned you that you’re at risk for a heart attack or stroke will create all the drive you need to push through those last few reps and stick to your plan.

So if you’re trying to decide if you have the time to change your physique or your health, or if you’re in the middle of a program and have lost your fitness motivation, then it’s time to revisit your “why”.

workout motivationYour homework:

  1. Ask yourself “why your are doing this”.
  2. Then ask yourself “But WHY am I [insert answer to above question]”.
  3. Repeat until you have found your true drive and motivation.

Good luck!

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