Zeke’s Road to Recovery from a Torn Quadricep

How Ezekial Jackson recovered from a torn quadricep

Ezekiel Jackson's torn quadricepOne of the biggest and most powerful men in WWE shares his secrets to a fast recovery from a torn quadricep

Most people are afraid of injuries. Sadly in anything that has to do with weight training from minute to major; injuries do occur. After suffering my first major injury, a torn right quadricep I hit a wall because so many things happened at once. I literally tore my quad exactly one week after burying my dad and it was my sister’s birthday who died 5 years earlier. She was buried the day before I tore my quad. After meeting with the doctors I was told that I’d be out for 9 months after my surgery. The first thing that hits is a case of uncertainty…and depression; what do you do for 9 months after traveling the world for 2 years?

After my first appointment with my physical therapist I sent a text to someone that had the same injury and surgery. His response arose a beast and I set a goal to recover faster than him!

His advice was to treat the injury as one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever had and now it was time to do what I would to recover. My supplement regimen that I used before, when I was healthy, was the same I began using but I upped my dosage.  Here’s what I was using:

Glutamine 30g daily

Dymatize micronized Glutamine 1000grams

Dymatize micronized Glutamine 1000grams

BCAA 30g daily

Optimum Nutrition BCAA 5000 powder

Optimum Nutrition BCAA 5000 powder unflavored

Fish Oils 3g x 3x daily

Optimum Nutrition Fish oil soft gels

Optimum Nutrition Fish oil soft gels





Ezekial Jackson recovers from a torn quadricepI looked forward to my Physical therapy in which I was going hard 3 times a week. When I was there my poor therapist actually needed water breaks and rest because I decided to set a goal to recover in 5 months.

I was able to return to the ring 5 months to the day I tore my quad.

So when hurt or injured do not use it as a deterrent to completely stop training, take the time to reveal the true you.


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