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What is the
This unique breakthrough program is 5 days per week, 5 exercises per workout, and 50 minute workouts. Designed for the person who works 5 days a week and loves their weekends off, it brings together some of bodybuilding's best kept secrets in one program. Forge5X does what no other program has before - allows you to shred and bulk at the same time.  Shred, bulk, repeat - and look the best you ever have.

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Hybrid Intermittent Fasting 

5 Workouts per week, 5 exercises

50 minute workouts plus cardio

Meet your trainer
Brian Cage. 
Nationally qualified bodybuilder, TNA World Champion, and known as "The Machine", Brian Cage is end-all when it comes to being a truly functional, monster athlete. With Forge5X he's out to change the game for good, bringing you some of his best kept training secrets to get you unmatched results.
Why it Works
6 training styles + 3 nutrition phases
Six completely different training styles, changing every two weeks, and a hybrid intermittent fasting diet that includes ketogenic and carb phases, Forge5X will keep pack on the muscle AND get you diced.
The nutrition is made simple with our custom calculated macros displayed right on the dashboard for you. The workouts are easy to follow as well and include everything from traditional weight training with upper and lower body splits, individual muscle days, and even explosive body weight only days for ultimate functionality and shredding.
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