Body Spartan Genesis, Gabe Tuft, 2nd Edition
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Lose up to 10 lbs. in 14 days* - for FREE - with GENESIS.

What is the
It's our breakthrough 12-week program from Body Spartan Founder and WWE Superstar, Gabe Tuft. Genesis was the very first workout program with custom ketogenic diet macros to hit the internet. This in-gym workout program will shred body fat in as little as 14-days - all while gaining muscle mass.

FREE 14-Day Results

Cyclic Keto Diet

6 Workouts Per Week

60 minute workouts

Meet your trainer
Gabe Tuft 
Anyone who's tried one of his workouts or programs knows that Gabe Tuft breaks the mold and doesn't sugar coat anything. A  former WWE Pro-Wrestling Superstar, Gabe has shown millions how to achieve goals they never thought possible and helped them get into the best shape of their entire life.
With the Genesis Program, he will not only ensure you get results, but educate you on how to keep them.
How it Works

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Watch the instructional videos

There are instructional videos that fully explain every aspect of the Genesis Program including workouts, each exercise, nutrition, motivation, and goal setting.

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We custom calculate your macros and tell you what to eat to get incredible results with your program.

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One you see your FREE 14-day results, you're going to want to go the distance and be the best possible version of yourself by completing the Genesis Program...

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-Roemer Juan

†Results vary based on starting point and effort.

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