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Gabe here, founder of Body Spartan!

I wanted to take a second and THANK YOU and WELCOME to the Body Spartan family!

as a bonus for signing up and being an action taker, I want to give you this exciting upgrade bonus that’s going to accelerate your results and help you get totally shredded and add pounds of head turning muscle!

This VIP upgrade is going to give you my entire Ultimate Shred Bundle, which includes:

  • G2 Ultimate Shred Program (which you just bought) (Worth $79.99)
  • 1 bottle of our best-selling T-Volve testosterone boosting supplement (Worth $89.99)
  • 1 bottle of our best-selling Xiphos extreme pump supplement (Worth $79.99)
  • VIP email access to my own private inbox for support and coaching with me, Gabe the owner of Body Spartan (Worth $399)
  • My own personal testosterone boosting protocol, with scientific methods to naturally optimize your testosterone and body shape! (Worth $59.99)

That's over $720 worth of content!

However, before I tell you the next steps to get all this and become a VIP, this is very important…

There’s a VERY limited supply of my famous two supplements as I order it exclusively for members and don’t mass produce it like most generic supplements do. Plus, I only offer this crazy accelerator VIP bundle at this price for a small percent of NEW MEMBERS as I offer personal 1-1 VIP email support.

So, here’s the truth…

You WILL NOT see this offer again and if you want to maximize your gains and progress, you must action today so you don’t miss out!

Now, I understand that requires a certainly level of commitment, but, I’m going to support you and place all the risk on me, by giving you a full 90 day risk free guarantee where you can request a full refund if the product doesn’t meet our exceptional standards and your needs.


So if you are ready to take the next step and upgrade your purchase, getting 4 bottles of supplements, VIP 1-1 email support with myself and all the other bonuses just click below and add it to your order today!

Like I said, buying all this individually would cost over $720, but, right now all I’m asking to cover my product costs and admin is a small one time fee of $67…


Yes, you read that right, a small $67 to get ALL THIS!




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