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Motivation - changing your future

Motivation – change your future

28, Mar 2020
No matter what’s happening in the world, you are in control of the outcome. That’s a hard pill to swallow, especially with what’s going on in the world right now. Most people will balk at what we’re about to say…

Motivation - make your move

Motivation – Make your move

27, Mar 2020
Anytime you’re waiting, you’re missing opportunity. Gabe’s addressing the current situation with unemployment, closed gyms, and the general fear sweeping the nation. He’s showing us there is opportunity and reasons to [...]

In-home arm workout

In-home arm workout

23, Mar 2020
So your gym is closed? No problem! We’re giving you an in-home, body weight arm workout! We got creative with this in-home arm workout! Using just the small, 8-0z bottles of water and plastic grocery bags, Gabe’s created an in-home…

In home chest and shoulders workout

In-Home Chest and Shoulders Workout

21, Mar 2020
With all the gyms closing nationwide, we’re giving you an in-home, body weight, chest and shoulders workout! Everyone is in need of in-home workouts right now and not everyone has weights available. Using just bottled water and plastic [...]

Staying fit during Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Staying fit during the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak

17, Mar 2020
With the Novel Coronavirus pandemic closing most gyms nationwide, this begs the question, “How do I stay fit without access to my gym?” We’ve got the answer. While most people might look at gyms closing as a hopeless end to…

Body Spartan Podcast Episode 54

Episode 54 – Exponentially boost your success

10, Mar 2020
Gabe keeps talking about boob sizes and sex, while Priscilla desperately tries to get through the podcast material. Yes, believe it or not, there’s actual science in this podcast and proven ways to increase your success in everything you [...]