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Gym motivation with Brian Cage

Motivation for the gym

20, Apr 2019
You either want it or you don’t – serious motivation for the gym. Brian Cage tells it like it is with no sugar coating. Here’s a guy that’s on the road almost every day of the week, a pro-wrestler dealing…


Judgement Day Chest Workout

19, Apr 2019
Brian Cage is back with a chest workout that will terminate the weak. Brian “The F’ing Machine” Cage has done it again. Body Spartan followed Cage and Shane Hall to Saiyan Strength Gym in Santa Rosa for an hour and…

Jayson Uribe

Episode 42: Jayson Uribe

06, Apr 2019
International Motorcycle Racing Super Star and 20-year old prodigy, Jayson Uribe, joins Gabe and Priscilla this week! This episode covers an in-depth look at the type of training required to be at the world championship level. Jayson talks about [...]

Episode 41 - The worst podcast ever

Episode 41: The worst podcast ever

03, Apr 2019
Originally titled, “Summer is coming”, this podcast derailed about 10 minutes into the recording when Gabe, Howard, and Priscilla decided to bring a bottle of Johnnie Walker into the mix. The attempt was to give advice on how to [...]


Body Spartan Raw Episode 5 | Behind the Scenes

02, Apr 2019
Episode 5 of our behind the scenes with Body Spartan SEAN PLEASE PUT FUN SHIT HERE Subscribe to our channel!   If you liked this variation, you’re going to love the exercises in our full programs!


How to succeed at anything

02, Apr 2019
You want success in the gym, at home, and at work? Here’s how to get it. Body Spartan is so much more than just a fitness company with epic programs that transform your physique. We’re also here to show you…