Bought the book and using the Body Spartan Shredding Diet? This will help!

If you’ve purchased the Body Spartan: Genesis book then you know the 12-week shredding diet calls for a few calculations.  We’ve automated the entire process for you right here.  No more crunching numbers.  Simply fill out the items in yellow and hit submit.  The calculator will crunch all your daily fat allowance for you.  The only things you will need to enter are the protein and carbs you actually have in each meal.The Body Spartan Nutrition Calculator below will help make following the nutrition plan quick and easy!

Enter Your Information Here

Total Protein Intake =
(1 gram of protein per pound of goal body weight)
Protein Intake per Meal =
(Total protein intake / 6)
Daily calories (Use the calculator; click here)
Calories per meal =
(Daily calories / 6)
Total Carbohydrates = 30
Carbohydrates per meal =
(Total Carbohydrates / 6)
5 grams per meal OR any combination to reach 30 grams, including all in one meal.

Phase 1 Nutrition

Meal # Protein (grams) Carbs (grams) Max/Goal Calories Fats

Phase 2 Nutrition

Meal # Protein (grams) Carbs (grams) Max/Goal Calories Fats
1 0 or trace fats
2 0 or trace fats
3 0 or trace fats
4 0 or trace fats
5 0 or trace fats
6 0 or trace fats