Our top 6 picks for the most insane arm workouts you’ve never tried.

While arms may not be the largest muscle group, they are one of the first go-to’s when someone asks you how strong you are. They get noticed immediately when they’re huge, and they are one of the fastest ego boosters when they stretch out our shirt sleeves. To get massive arms though, you’re going to need a variety of arm workouts that go beyond your standard 3 sets of 8-12 reps that you see everywhere, on every site.

We’re going to discuss the anatomy of the arms before we dive into the arm workouts. Understanding that having giant arms is really some “smoke and mirrors” will help you understand which exercises to focus on the bring up your arms.


Triceps make up 2/3 of your arm and are responsible for most of the size that you see on guys with big arms. There are three heads to the triceps:

  1. Long head
  2. Lateral head
  3. Medial head

Arm workouts and triceps anatomy


One of the hottest debated subjects in arm workouts is “elbows in” or “elbow flared” being proper form. Well, there isn’t a right answer to that.  Keeping your elbows in tight on any overhead movement will focus more on the long head of the triceps, which is the largest of the three heads. You see this part of the triceps when you hold your arms out parallel to the floor.  On the other hand, if you flare your elbows, you’re bringing the tension and focus more on the lateral and medial heads.


The smaller of the two muscle groups in the arms but also the “show boat” muscle. It consists of two heads:

  1. Long head
  2. Short head

Arm workouts biceps anatomy

The long head is the “gun show” head and is responsible for that massive peak we all love and want so bad. The short head is smaller and located more on the inside of the biceps. If you want big arms, you need to ensure that you work both the long head and the short head of the biceps in all your arm workouts. You can work the long head more specifically by doing one of these:

  1. Supinating the wrist by trying to turn your pinky outwards at the top of the range of motion.
  2. Moving your grip or position wider to force supination

Below is a video that will explain the differences in the long head and short head of the biceps. There are also several tips in the video to help on your journey to big arms.


Arm workouts

Below are six of Body Spartan’s most intense arm workouts to date! These five arm workouts will ensure that you have plenty of variety to continuously shock your muscles into growth. Remember, the more you keep your body and your muscles guessing, the more it’s forced to adapt. This means muscle growth. Of course, you will need to ensure that your nutrition is on point and that you are getting enough rest as well.

CT Fletcher VS Body Spartan

This arm workout speaks for itself. Team Body Spartan enters the Valley of the Beast at Iron Addicts in Southern California. The man himself, CT Fletcher, puts Brandon, Gabe, Howard, Luke Hawx, and Brian Cage through a crazy 3 hour arm workout. Only the best of the best will survive this arm workout.

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High Volume Arm Workout

If you really want to shock your muscles, start here. This arm workout has nine exercises back to back including some massive super sets. We guarantee you will walk out with a nasty pump.

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Sleeve busting arm workout with Body Spartan

Howard, Brandon, and Gabe destroy arms in one of our toughest arm workouts yet. To give you an idea, we start the workout with 100 reps of triceps pushdowns – 10 sets of 10 reps with no rest in between. Every set, you bump up the weight. Yeah, we’re not kidding when we say this one is TOUGH!

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Arm workout for massive growth

Without going into a ton of detail on this, Cell Expansion Protocol Training (CEP Training), was popularized by Ben Pakulski and it works, which is why we incorporate it into this workout. After annihilating your arms for a good hour, we go right into CEP training for the final exercise.

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1000 rep arm workout

Yes, we created this and yes we all did it. It’s possible and we proved it. Of all the arm workouts, this is the grand daddy that sets the bar. This 1000 rep arm workout is not meant to be done every week, but rather once in a while when you’ve hit a plateau and you need something to really shock your muscles. Side note, we’ve got a 1000 rep shoulder workout too 😉

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Arm super set workout by Shawn Lehner

Brand Ambassador Shawn Lehner flew out to California specifically to film this workout. It’s his own creation and is loaded with some unique movements and high quality tips. It’s a solid hour and a half workout, so be sure to budget your time accordingly. Did I mention we gained a 1/4″ in size on our arms just from the pump? We even break out the tape measure to prove it.

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