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$19.99 / month


Join the Spartan Army and get elite membership access to everything you see below:

New content every week

Body Spartan’s best kept secrets are all included in a massive array of weekly video content! Join Gabe Tuft, Priscilla Tuft, and the Body Spartan Brand Ambassadors every week for 4 new, weekly videos that include a full workout, a fitness tip, a motivational video, and a full cooking show showing you how to easily prepare food for shredding or bulking programs goes live every Tuesday morning.

You also get access to our weekly video conference call where you can join in and interact with the Body Spartan founders and brand ambassadors. Ask all your questions directly and get fitness tips right from the pros. No other fitness membership gives you weekly access to the founders and brand ambassadors!

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Weekly Workout

Get a new, full workout each week for a different body part. These workouts are standalone workouts so that you can continuously mix up your routines and are designed by our brand ambassadors. From full chest workouts to leg workouts, we’ve got you covered. Each video will show you how to properly perform the exercise and includes sets, reps, and rest times.

In addition to the video itself, we’re also giving you the written workout so you can view it on your phone at the gym!

And don’t worry, we’re keeping these videos short and to the point so that you can view them on your work breaks, in the car before you go into the gym, or even in the morning before running out the door.

Weekly Fitness Tip

Our weekly Fit Tips videos will fill your arsenal with tips and tricks from our founders and brand ambassadors that include:

  • Workout tips for maximizing your muscle growth and fat loss
  • Nutrition tips
  • Insider secrets
  • Pro tips on how to get the most out of specific exercises and movements
  • And more!

Order your custom workout plan

Weekly Motivational Video

Get motivated for the gym and for life! We’re known for our incredible motivational videos and now Spartan Army Elite Members will get a new motivational video every week that’s filmed just for you. Every week one of our brand ambassadors will be there to motivate you in ways you never thought possible. It’s one of our biggest strengths and one of the best values of this Elite Membership!

Weekly Cooking Show

Join Body Spartan founders Gabe and Priscilla Tuft, along with Executive Chef and Brand Ambassador David Larson, each week for a new episode of our cooking show! Learn how to prep meals for both shredding and bulking programs with our easy to follow recipes. We’ll show you that meal prep can actually taste great while you still hit your macros.

Every episode has macros pre-calculated for you, per serving. We’ve even separated the macros for both Genesis and Unleashed Programs (shredding and bulking) so that you can easily add them to your menus.

Monthly Video Conference Call

Every month we will announce the schedule for our video conference call where you and thousands of other members can watch and interact with a different Body Spartan brand ambassador! Each video call, we’ll give you special insider tips and tricks, motivation, and each Brand Ambassadors different training and nutrition styles.  There will also be a short Q&A session at the end of every call.

Each call has a limited number of spots available for interaction, while thousands can watch and listen live! The video replay will be posted when the call is finished just in case you aren’t able to join the live call.

Access To All Archived Content

Body Spartan Elite Members get access to all of the current week’s content AND all of the previous content. That means, if you don’t see something you need in the current week, you have access to everything that’s every been posted to our Elite members.  Our content never goes away and you’ll always have access to it!

When we say VALUE , we mean it!

Start today!

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