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Body Spartan: Genesis

Get the program and get shredded!


  • GUYS – build muscle and get shredded.
  • GIRLS – get ridiculously toned and lean.
  • FULL 12 week program instead of just 30 or 45 days
  • Easy to follow workout plan
  • Instructional videos and member area
  • Shredding diet written by a Master Sports Nutritionist – includes nutrition calculator 
  • Includes supplement guide & recipes.
  • From beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts
  • All our secrets for staying lean & building muscle
  • Downloads as 3 PDFs for a 100% digital experience!
  • Workouts integrate with Gym Genius App for iPhone
  • BONUS: “Kick-off” motivational video ONLY available to customers
  • BONUS: Coupon for 10% off your next store purchase 
  • ONE-TIME PAYMENT gets you lifetime access to the program

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Custom meal plan results
Alicia before and after
Results of custom meal plans
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Workout plan to get ripped and lose weight

Body Spartan Genesis before and after

Body Spartan Genesis workout program testimonials

Why you need body spartan


  • Lose body fat and get shredded, all while gaining lean muscle mass in JUST 12 WEEKS
  • Written and used by PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE AND CELEBRITY Gabe Tuft (AKA: former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks)
  • Workout program uploads directly to Gym Genius iPhone app
  • Access to the Genesis members area with INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS and BONUS VIDEOS
  • PROVEN RESULTS with real people

Written by Gabe “T-Reks” Tuft, a former professional wrestler with WWE, Inc. who’s stage name was “Tyler Reks”.  This workout program and eBook gives you all of Gabe’s coveted workout and nutrition secrets that his fans and fellow athletes have been asking him about for years.Gabe Tuft, Tyler Reks, fitness and workout plan

Whether you’re a fitness beginner or a competitor, this program is for you.  The program can be applied to ANY LEVEL OF FITNESS EXPERIENCE. Start your program today and make a change in your physique…and your life!

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One of our favorite success stories

Body Spartan Genesis Workout Program Testimonials Gabe Andrade



Fitness program“This program is a “must have” for anyone looking to get shredded. The Machine approves!”

-Brian “The Machine” Cage, Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder, Lucha Underground Superstar

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Workout program to get ripped testimonial
Testimonial for our workout program to get ripped

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Workout program to get ripped before and after photos
Body Spartan Genesis Workout Plan before and after testimonials

Workout program to get shredded and ripped

Body Spartan Workout Program


If you need more motivation to get started with this 12-week body transformation program, watch the video below

Gabe Tuft, the creator of the Genesis program, explains in detail what our program includes and motivates you to be successful. The short, 2 minute video will motivate and inspire you!

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Check out these incredible testimonials from actual Body Spartan customers:

Bodybuilding workout transformationWorkout program and body transformationBiggest thing I gave up? Excuses. Shoved them out of my head. Out of my way. Owned my decisions and made the changes I needed to to change my life. I learned that I could lean on the people in my life and that I was a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. So glad that I bought the Body Spartan book Gabe Tuft (Tyler Reks) wrote and that he got me in touch with his amazing wife Priscilla Tuft. Their guidance and support has been invaluable and I am so very thankful and grateful.*

-Elizabeth Stockdale

Body Spartan Review
If you are like me and have been looking for any kind of edge to help transform your physique, then you have probably also read through many industry experts articles, nutrition advice and training programs, and never really felt like you were getting information that could specifically help you. That is where “Body Spartan: Genesis” comes in.

The book is well written, informative yet translated in a way that anyone of any training level can pick it up. It isn’t trying to promote or sell anything, so all of the advice that you are looking for on supplements and nutrition is honest, and purely there to help. It has all the advice you could possibly want, ranging from workout advice such as detailed daily exercises, rep ranges and even rep tempo, to even providing a link to calculate your target heart rate during the HIIT cardio part of the program. Exact nutrition requirements and again calculators to work out specifically what YOU need. There is no guess work with this book, Gabe spoon feeds you every thing you could possibly need to achieve your dream body!

I have just finished reading the book, and I can guarantee that the second you start reading the first chapter on Motivation, you will be pumped and ready to start the 12 week program transformation just like I am!

If you are serious about wanting to transform your body into everything you want it to be then you NEED to buy this book….it’ll change your life!*

-Adam “Shreddybrek” Miller

Alicia before and after
Simply put, Body Spartan is amazing. It helped me transform my body and has given me incredible amounts of confidence in everything I do. I can’t thank Gabe Tuft enough for all of the incredible information and workout plan!*

-Alicia B

Gabe Tuft Tyler Reks before and after

Without a doubt these testimonials wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include my own. Yes, I used to be small, skinny, and unsure of myself. After 22 years of experimenting and expanding my knowledge of fitness, I have finally found the answer. Being TV-ready every week took careful manipulation of nutrition and exercises and now I’m ready to share all of my secrets with you!  I challenge you to read my story, make a choice today, and change your life!*

-Gabe Tuft (AKA: Tyler Reks), Author and Founder of Body Spartan

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Body Spartan Genesis workout plan and workout program


Don’t wait another minute! Buy the book now and start changing your life…and your physique!

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary. We offer a 100% full, money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with our program.

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More testimonials

Body Spartan Genesis Workout Program to get ripped


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Unleashed program money back guarantee

*Disclaimer: Results may vary. We offer a 100% full, money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with our program.

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  • Ryan Pacione

    Finished in time for the warm weather. For the first time in my life I feel comfortable taking my shirt off at the pool. THANK YOU Body Spartan and the Genesis Program! - May 18, 2017

  • Mark Stevenson

    Thank you Gabe Tuft! This program changed my life! I lost 14 pounds and gained some noticeable muscle. Going for the Unleashed Program next! - January 4, 2017

  • Mike Culligan

    My wife and I did this together and are super happy. We both lost a lot of fat. The diet is the hardest part but it's worth it. Especially if you have a spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend do it with you. We are doing another round of this soon to get ready for summer. - December 27, 2016

  • David Carcier

    I lost 22lbs on the Genesis program and am more than pleased with the results. I can finally take my shirt off at the pool and feel comfortable. Thanks Gabe for the killer program! - October 24, 2016

  • Skye Diamond

    Absolute life changer for me. I just finished the whole program and I feel great! I've lost 30lbs, 7% body fat and have had massive increases in strength! I've tried so many programs and nothing ever worked for me. But this, THIS, has gone above and beyond my expectations. I fully intend on keeping this program and continuing it as my lifestyle, while adding new workouts and maintaining great eating habits. Thank you so so much Body Spartan Team!! :D <3 You guys rock!!!! - October 21, 2016

  • Jeff Couley

    Definitely takes dedication and hard work but the results were worth it. I gained 5lbs of muscle and lost 12lbs of fat. Totally worth it! - October 3, 2016

  • Curt Gallows

    Just finished my 12 weeks and I've gotta say I'm impressed! Down 12 pounds and looking way leaner. I'm actually looking forward to the first pool party this year! Shirt will be off!* - March 20, 2016

  • Stephanie Larson

    I bought this book for my husband and I started to read the first chapter before I gave it to him. I couldn't put it down. Mr. Tuft is amazingly motivating. The program is easy to follow and I put in the work and dedicated the 12 weeks. I'm so glad I did! Love my new look!! Thanks Mr. Tuft!* - February 14, 2016

  • Ben McCormick

    This program changed my life - literally. I lost 5% body fat and gained 8 lbs of muscle while doing this.* - January 21, 2016

  • Melanie Carson

    Love this! So much yes! It was super motivating and the workouts were hard but the results were exactly what I wanted. Yay!* - December 15, 2015

  • Todd Bateman

    Can't say enough good stuff about this program. It motivated the heck out me, got me off the couch, and now I'm doing it for the second time around and feeling great about it! Thanks Gabe Tuft for sharing your secrets with us normal folk that aspire to be like you someday!* - November 5, 2015

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary. We offer a 100% full, money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with our program.