Body Spartan Genesis, Gabe Tuft, 2nd Edition

Body Spartan: Genesis – Ultimate Keto Diet Program

Get results faster with the ultimate keto diet and workout program

  • GUYS/GIRLS – build lean muscle and get shredded
  • Full 12-week program with instructional videos
  • Full keto diet and nutrition plan with custom macros
  • 100% money back guarantee

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Get results faster with the Genesis Keto Diet Program

Our nationally acclaimed keto diet and HIIT training program get you results and gets them fast! Our program uses a custom keto diet and  nutrition plan, coupled with our tri-phase training program and HIIT training regimen to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time. This proven-to-work program was designed by Body Spartan founder and former WWE Superstar, Gabe “T-Reks” Tuft, with over 24 years of experience in the fitness industry. Gabe’s wife, Priscilla Tuft, is a master sports nutritionist and former WNSO professional fitness competitor and is the mastermind behind the keto diet used in Genesis. Priscilla developed this keto diet formula during her competitive career which helped her land a cover on Muscle Mag, along with articles in Oxygen Magazine, Max Sports and Fitness, and also was the science behind her national placement at Fitness America. It is now used by every member of the Body Spartan team and has helped them successfully land multiple national placements and pro-cards.

keto diet

What you get

  • Full 12 weeks of workouts with our tri-phase training system
  • Custom keto diet and nutrition plan with macros automatically calculated for you
  • Instructional videos explaining each exercise with proper form and tips from Gabe and the Body Spartans
  • Body composition tracker (weight, body fat, measurements)
  • Recipes for your custom keto diet
  • PDF short eBook that includes strategy guide, motivation, details on the keto diet, and more!

keto diet program


  • Members only “kick-off” motivational video
  • 10% off coupon for your next purchase

ultimate keto diet

Take a sneak peek at the program!

Actual keto diet customer results shown below *keto diet Reviews and Results

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Why a keto diet?

A keto diet will place your body into a state of ketosis. In ketosis, your body will burn fats for fuel instead of carbohydrates. On a regular diet that includes carbohydrates, your body will produce different hormones that store fat and also produce glucose.

  • Glucose is the easiest molecule for your body to convert into usable energy. It will be the first energy source chosen by the body.
  • Hormones are produced to process and regulate the glucose in your body.

In a carbohydrate rich diet, glucose will be used as a primary energy source and your fats are not needed and are then stored as body fat. By decreasing the carbohydrate intake with a keto diet, your body will be induced into a state of ketosis where it burns fat for fuel, instead of glucose.

The benefits of a keto diet

Body Spartan: Genesis – a true cyclonic keto diet

The Genesis Program uses a cyclonic keto diet. With this type of keto diet, you will have five days of low carb intake each week, followed by one “refeed” day or “Phase II” day, as we call it, on the sixth day. The Phase II day allows for your muscle cells to uptake glycogen and for you to retain your strength for the upcoming workout routines.

Need more motivation? Watch the 1-minute video below!

See the actual results below!*

Keto diet Reviews from customers

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See what our customers are saying!keto diet before and after

I spent 15 years in the army and had structure to my physical training. About 2 years ago I parted ways with the army and started contracting. After a year in Kuwait with no structure I weighed in at a whopping 227lbs. At  5’6″ that made me a very round little marshmallow.  I wish I could remember how I stumbled across Body Spartan (YouTube I think) but I was hooked!! I saw Gabe and Priscilla doing his daily posts while he was doing the genesis program and I was hooked. I started January 1, 2017 and at that time I was 227 lbs and who knows what percent body fat. After 6 months of dedication to the system on June 19, 2017 I am down 55lbs to 172 and feel fantastic. Thank you Gabe, Priscilla, and Howie for the daily inspiration. Without you guys I would probably be on my way to a heart attack!!

-Ben Meives
Colorado Springs/Kuwait


Keto diet Results

I completely lost my gut doing the Genesis program and packed on lean muscle. I can definitely tell how much strength I have. I am no longer the short guy with the belly in the gym. I have more confidence walking into the gym and feel great. I’m starting the Unleashed program now and can not wait to see the results. Thank you for taking the time to produce such an amazing program and the nutrition plan has been amazing and simple to follow. I feel like I’m in the Army again with all the energy I have.

-Aaron Spooner

reviews for keto diet

My story is pretty simple, I use to be around 345 and I have gone down to 250 before doing body spartan and right now it’s been 7 weeks and I am down to 215 now and my goal is 195 before the 12 weeks are done I have two pictures one from when I was 340 to 250 and 250 to 215 sorry for the towel pic one btw as well but that was the only one I had recently and I love the program it’s amazing and can’t wait to get fully shredded.

-Abraham Afoa

reviews of keto diets

Ever since I was young I was always athletic, fit, thin, however you want to word it. But when I started college things changed. I wasn’t familiar with proper diet and nutrition, and I was no longer doing weights every day along with playing for sports teams year round. I needed something to bring back my youth. Genesis helped me do just that. I dropped over 50lbs, lost 8% body fat, and gained a few pounds of muscle along the way. Along with that I dropped a few points off my blood pressure and am now at a healthy 118/74 rather than the 130/85 I was a year ago.

-Anthony Guinn

barret brown uses a keto diet

My story stems from my career as a professional wrestler, and how the profession basically changed my life. When I was young, I had no passions or drives and basically was wasting my life away until I discovered wrestling and the gym etiquette to go along with it. Last year, I noticed my fitness and diet slacking, and it started showing in the ring. Then, I got an email from WWE for an extra talent spot, and knew that I needed to make changes, and Body Spartan has done that for me, and then some. I also know Luke Hawx very well and hopefully he can vouch for me as well ;). Thank you for the program, Gabe. It has given me everything I’ve looked for and opened a world of opportunities for me, including international tours later this year.

-Barrett Brown, Professional Wrestler

Body Spartan Genesis and keto diet review


I’m not sure how to start my story I’m a 41 year old guy kinda been on and off with the gym since high school. I was looking at myself one night after work in the mirror as I was getting in the shower, stopped turned around looked again and thought how in the f**k did I end up on this kind of shape (and yes I know round is a shape), anyway I showered and was thinking about how unhappy I really was trying to be honest with myself! Fast forward a couple hours and I come across a Body Spartan video on Facebook!! I feel like it was meant to be there for me to see!! So I watched it then another then another then found “Within” on my Amazon Prime and watched with chills and some tears. I ordered the genesis program that night and began the following Monday! I found out my true why and have continued changing my lifestyle!! When I began the first time on the scale I was 236 lbs. and 30% body fat after my 12 weeks I was at 200 lbs and 19% body fat I still have along way to go but with The full support of my wife (who has also been doing the program with me and lost 46 lbs) and the Body Spartan team I can honestly say I feel like I can conquer anything now!
P.s. I know I know Planet fitness !!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart you have changed my body… and my outlook on life!!!!

-Brandon Rosvall

Why you need a keto diet


  • Lose body fat and get shredded, all while gaining lean muscle mass by in JUST 12 WEEKS
  • Written and used by PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE AND CELEBRITY Gabe Tuft (AKA: former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks)
  • Keto diet macros are automatically calculated for you
  • Access to the Genesis members area with INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS and BONUS VIDEOS
  • PROVEN RESULTS with real people

Written by Gabe “T-Reks” Tuft, a former professional wrestler with WWE, Inc. who’s stage name was “Tyler Reks”.  This ultimate keto diet and workout program and gives you all of Gabe’s coveted workout and nutrition secrets that his fans and fellow athletes have been asking him about for years.Gabe Tuft, Tyler Reks, fitness and workout plan

Whether you’re a fitness beginner or a competitor, this program is for you.  The program can be applied to ANY LEVEL OF FITNESS EXPERIENCE. Start your program today and make a change in your physique…and your life!

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Workout plan to get ripped and lose weight

Body Spartan Genesis before and after

Body Spartan Genesis workout program testimonials

One of our favorite success stories

Body Spartan Genesis Workout Program Testimonials Gabe Andrade



Fitness program“This program is a “must have” for anyone looking to get shredded. The Machine approves!”

-Brian “The Machine” Cage, Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder, Lucha Underground Superstar

More Testimonials

Workout program to get ripped testimonial
Testimonial for our workout program to get ripped

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Workout program to get ripped before and after photos
Body Spartan Genesis Workout Plan before and after testimonials

Workout program to get shredded and ripped

Body Spartan Workout Program


If you need more motivation to get started with this 12-week body transformation program, watch the video below

Gabe Tuft, the creator of the Genesis program, explains in detail what our program includes and motivates you to be successful. The short, 2 minute video will motivate and inspire you!

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Check out these incredible testimonials from actual Body Spartan customers:

Bodybuilding workout transformationWorkout program and body transformationBiggest thing I gave up? Excuses. Shoved them out of my head. Out of my way. Owned my decisions and made the changes I needed to to change my life. I learned that I could lean on the people in my life and that I was a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. So glad that I bought the Body Spartan book Gabe Tuft (Tyler Reks) wrote and that he got me in touch with his amazing wife Priscilla Tuft. Their guidance and support has been invaluable and I am so very thankful and grateful.*

-Elizabeth Stockdale

Body Spartan Review
If you are like me and have been looking for any kind of edge to help transform your physique, then you have probably also read through many industry experts articles, nutrition advice and training programs, and never really felt like you were getting information that could specifically help you. That is where “Body Spartan: Genesis” comes in.

The book is well written, informative yet translated in a way that anyone of any training level can pick it up. It isn’t trying to promote or sell anything, so all of the advice that you are looking for on supplements and nutrition is honest, and purely there to help. It has all the advice you could possibly want, ranging from workout advice such as detailed daily exercises, rep ranges and even rep tempo, to even providing a link to calculate your target heart rate during the HIIT cardio part of the program. Exact nutrition requirements and again calculators to work out specifically what YOU need. There is no guess work with this book, Gabe spoon feeds you every thing you could possibly need to achieve your dream body!

I have just finished reading the book, and I can guarantee that the second you start reading the first chapter on Motivation, you will be pumped and ready to start the 12 week program transformation just like I am!

If you are serious about wanting to transform your body into everything you want it to be then you NEED to buy this book….it’ll change your life!*

-Adam “Shreddybrek” Miller

Alicia before and after
Simply put, Body Spartan is amazing. It helped me transform my body and has given me incredible amounts of confidence in everything I do. I can’t thank Gabe Tuft enough for all of the incredible information and workout plan!*

-Alicia B

Gabe Tuft Tyler Reks before and after

Without a doubt these testimonials wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include my own. Yes, I used to be small, skinny, and unsure of myself. After 22 years of experimenting and expanding my knowledge of fitness, I have finally found the answer and it lies within the keto diet. Being TV-ready every week took careful manipulation of nutrition and exercises and now I’m ready to share all of my secrets with you!  I challenge you to read my story, make a choice today, and change your life!*

-Gabe Tuft (AKA: Tyler Reks), Author and Founder of Body Spartan

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Body Spartan Genesis workout plan and workout program


Don’t wait another minute! Buy the ultimate keto diet program now and start changing your life…and your physique!

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary. We offer a 100% full, money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with our program.

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More testimonials

Body Spartan Genesis Workout Program to get ripped


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Unleashed program money back guarantee

*Disclaimer: Results may vary. We offer a 100% full, money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with our program.

Click here for money back guarantee details

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Body Spartan: Genesis

  • Lose body fat and get shredded, all while gaining lean muscle mass in JUST 12 WEEKS
  • Written and used by PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE AND CELEBRITY Gabe Tuft (AKA: former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks)
  • Workout program uploads directly to Gym Genius iPhone app
  • Access to the Genesis members area with INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS and BONUS VIDEOS
  • PROVEN RESULTS with real people