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Revolution Shred Bundle

All our best-selling women’s products in one bundle at over 42% off!

  • Revolution Women’s 12-week Shred Program ($99.99 retail value)
  • The Secrets of Weight Loss eBook ($24.99 retail value)
  • 1 Pair of Body Spartan Earbuds ($129.99 retail value)
  • 1 bottle of Garcina ($89.99 retail value)

You get $344 worth of products for this amazing price!

Revolution Women's Fitness Program

The Secrets of Weight Loss I Wish I Had Known 100 lbs Ago


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Garcina Cambogia

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We’ve rounded up the best of Body Spartan’s Women’s programs and supplements and put them in our all new Revolution Shred Bundle. This bundle has everything you will need to succeed in your journey to getting lean and dropping the excess weight. It comes complete with an entire month’s supply of our flagship supplement Garcinia and a set of our ultra high quality earbuds. You also get our full Revolution Women’s Shred Program AND our eBook, “The Secrets of Weight Loss I Wish I’d Known 100-lbs Ago.” That’s 24 weeks of Body Spartan shredding!


Revolution Women’s Shred Program

The Secrets of Weight Loss I Wish I’d Known 100-lbs Ago (eBook)

1 bottle of Garcinia

1 pair of Body Spartan Earbuds

Note: Supplements will ship separately from earbuds and take approximately 3-5 business days to arrive. Body Spartan’s Revolution Program and The Secrets of Weight Loss eBooks are 100% digital and you will be granted access to the program upon completion of checkout.


The first intermittent fasting program with tri-phase nutrition and training!

Revolution Women's Fitness Program

Get full access to the Revolution Dashboard which includes:

Gain energy, lose inches and sculpt abs fast and easy, especially if you’ve had a baby!

No guesswork, just guaranteed results!



Women's Fitness Program

What you get

No guesswork, just guaranteed results!


Custom, tri-phase intermittent fasting nutrition (includes carb cycling) designed by Priscilla Tuft, Master Sports Nutritionist

Tri-phase training system scientifically designed to match nutrition phases

4 Pre-season videos that fully explain the science of our intermittent fasting

Full, easy to follow, instructional videos for all exercises by me, Pro Fitness Competitor, Priscilla tuft


BONUS: Body composition tracker

BONUS: Supplement recommendations

BONUS: Sleep training neuro-hacking audio to help program your mind for rapid fat loss!

BONUS: Access to our private, members-only Facebook group with thousands of members

BONUS: 10% off your next purchase


Here are the unique methods I’m going to share to rapidly transform your physique in just 12-weeks!

Fully Customized Keto Meal Plans

Unlike most cookie-cutter plans, our advanced system will tailor your diet based on your own body weight, somatotype and metabolism. This is the EXACT program that I use to get ready for a competition or photo shoot. You get results much faster following a truly tailored plan to your own body! You will know exactly what to eat with the exact nutrients to insure that your muscles tone, while shredding body fat quickly! When I have to look 100% shredded for a photo shoot there no do-overs, no excuses. It works for me EVERY TIME. Just like it will work for you.

Goal Setting And Fitness Mindset Re-Imprinting

Attempts at reaching fitness goals will never work with out addressing the mindset behind your current behaviors and beliefs. Together we will dig deep and address this ALL! Just like 1-1 personal training, Body Spartan co-founder Priscilla, will take you through the entire program step by step with motivating instructional videos. This includes video instruction on how to revolutionize your mindset, stay motivation and even how to monitor your own progress using advanced testing procedures that most personal trainers don’t even know how to perform!

Body Spartan Mouth Watering Recipes

Let’s face it, you can only eat chicken and broccoli for so long. While it may seem ‘cool’ to stick to the blandest diet possible, it’s only sustainable by a small percentage of the population. If you’ve tried it in the past, chances are you got success for a few weeks or months then blow out, binge eating and re-gaining all the weight, right? I know because I’ve seen it one thousand times! Rather than forcing you on another bland stupid diet, we’ve included varied and healthy recipes that you and your family will love that STILL allow for radical fat loss results! This lets you build a sustainable plan that guarantees long-term success!

Advanced 3-Phase Workout Plan

Along with the advanced ketogenic diet plan to help you torch body fat you will get a daily, step-by-step workout plan to follow using our unique 3×3 Physique Shred Science is broken down into 3 phases: Build, Sculpt, and Shred. It’s proven to strip away fat and add definition to your whole physique. Whether you’re beginning or advanced, this workout will get you lean and toned on your terms!

The Best Fitness Model Supplement Protocols

Want the truth? 90% of supplements don’t work. Luckily, you don’t have to waste any more time or money like anyone else. I’m going to give you the exact supplements you NEED and remove any of the supplements that are simply wasting your time and money. You’ll know exactly what to take, when to take it and even get to see my own personal supplement regime helping me reach the pinnacle of top condition and performance!


The Secrets of Weight Loss I’d Wish I’d Know 100-lbs ago


  • eBook with insider secrets from Body Spartan co-founder, Priscilla Tuft
  • Get the top 10 tips for success with weight loss
  • Includes full weight loss meal plan
  • Includes full workout plan with weights and cardio
  • Instructions for meal prepping
  • Downloads as high-res PDF and works on any device

Priscilla’s actual progress pictures*

Priscilla Tuft before and after

Unlock Priscilla’s best kept weight loss secrets in this amazing eBook.

What you get

All of her weight loss secrets that helped her lose 100-lbs.

Nutrition plan

Easy to follow workouts


Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia by Priscilla Tuft

  1. Boosts metabolic rate causing you to burn calories and lose weight by doing nothing.
  2. Increases your serotonin levels creating powerful improvements on mood, appetite, and sleep.
  3. Curbs your food cravings and is an amazing appetite suppressant.
  4. Reduces muscle soreness by promoting rapid repair.

Take them. Look in the mirror. Be proud of who you are!

If you have tried and failed this might be the most important information that you will ever find.

BONUS: Free download of “PT6S – The Weight Loss Blueprint”

Weight loss blueprint by Priscilla Tuft

Any customer that purchases a product from our women’s supplement line will receive a bonus FREE download of PT6s – The Weight Loss Blueprint. This bonus eBook is Priscilla Tuft’s blueprint for weight loss. You get:

  • Full workout plan
  • Meal plan
  • Cardio schedule

It’s the perfect way to help ensure success with your weight loss goals!

The story:

Many women are under a wrong impression that surgery is the only way to transform their physique and lose weight. This is completely false. The truth is that you can achieve a curvy figure by incorporating natural methods such as clean eating, regular exercise and natural supplements like those mentioned on this page.

Although, there are hundreds of products on the market, we’ve developed 5 natural supplements with the highest quality ingredients that have received the most positive customer reviews and shown real results.

Why us:

  1. Without our bonus fat loss blueprint as your guide the average person is guaranteed to fail.
  2. If you tried and failed, trying the 60% HCA 3K mill per day pure Garcinia Cambogia is your solution.
  3. Our team and our community will help you every step of the way.
  4. All of our supplements are naturally made using the highest-grade ingredients with formulations that hold to our standards of quality.
  5. We are so confident about our supplements that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.
  6. When you fall in love with these supplements you can get paid to help others (with our affiliate program).

How much Garcinia Combogia should I take?

The recommended dose of this PURE Garcinia Cambogia is at least 1000mg – 3,000 mg. This equates to 1-2 capsules with 12 ounces of water 30-60 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bonus! Fat Loss Blueprint

Whether you order one bottle, or all five supplements, we will provide you with our bonus, “Fat Loss Blueprint” video. It’s just under 30 minutes of content from the Co-Founder herself, Priscilla Tuft, and includes:

  • Tips on how and when to take your supplements
  • Her personal weight loss success story
  • A workout schedule
  • A cardio schedule
  • Recipes and nutrition tips



Body Spartan Supplement Guarantee


Body Spartan Earbuds

Let sound power your mind, for the ultimate Body Spartan workout

Body Spartan wireless Bluetooth earbuds allow you ultimate freedom, without sacrificing sound quality. Let the ultra high-definition sound quality flow through your ears and prepare your mind for the workout at hand. Music directly affects your thoughts and ultimately your workout. Play what you want, when you want, and use the sound to add a fire to your next workout.

Ear buds for the gym

With 6-8 hours of playback time and only a 1.5 hour charge time, you can easily get 4-6 workouts in on a single charge. The high-definition sound quality is comparable to other, well known brand names, at a fraction of the price. The secure-fit earhooks ensure that you can lift, run, or sprint without worrying your buds will fall out. We’ve applied our top, advanced technology for the ultimate acoustic experience.

Site-wide sale excludes stand-alone meal prep bags & shaker cups

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