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Savagery at its finest shirt

Let your inner savage out

  • High quality workout/urban-wear shirt
  • Durable, athletic, breathable material
  • Be a savage in the gym…and everywhere else (politely)


Size L, M, S, XL, XXL
Color Black


Let your inner savage out

A savage in the gym and a gentlemen everywhere else… kind of.

Body Spartan’s “Savagery at its finest” shirts break the mold for workout/urban-wear shirts. The “Savagery at its finest” logo with the Body Spartan Winged Helmet is strategically placed across your chest so it compliments your aesthetics perfectly.

The well known quotes from Gabe Tuft, “One life, one chance.” and “You get one.” are printed on the bottom of the shirt for an extra reminder of why we work so hard in the gym.

There’s a tattered American flag on one sleeve (cause ‘Murica) and the Body Spartan text logo on the other.

Printed on a breathable material, our Savagery shirts are super comfortable. They breathe well and are the perfect gym shirt for guys that like to hit it hard and pair nicely for urban wear with jeans or shorts.

This shirt is like no other! Be a part of an elite team and grab your Savagery shirt today!

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