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The Secrets of Weight Loss I Wish I Had Known 100 lbs Ago

All of Priscilla Tuft's secrets to lose weight!

  • eBook with insider secrets from Body Spartan co-founder, Priscilla Tuft
  • Get the top 10 tips for success with weight loss
  • Includes full weight loss meal plan that Priscilla used to lose 100lbs
  • Includes full workout plan with weights and cardio
  • Instructions for meal prepping
  • Downloads as high-res PDF and works on any device

Priscilla's actual progress pictures (time span is one year)

Priscilla Tuft before and after

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This excerpt from the first part of Priscilla’s eBook will put everything in perspective for you:

“For the first part of my little girl’s life, I have almost NO pictures with her. No pictures to show how I laughed, how I loved, or how I treasured my baby.

Why? Because I hid from the camera (and my friends) during that season of my life. I was embarrassed of my weight. I didn’t need another reminder in living color of how big I was. I also avoided all mirrors and windows that reflected the person I had become. I missed parties, reunions, traveling, and even church, because…you know, “HEAVEN FORBID” I looked the way I did.

My world was different when I was heavy. Doors were not held open in fact they were even shut in my face while holding an infant. People didn’t smile back or even make eye contact.
I always felt like I was “in the way” of others when I was out doing daily tasks because of my size. I’m a very positive person, so I deemed it easier to avoid thinking about my weight altogether so I could stay happy.

The truth is, those around me were too busy loving me to scrutinize, but an honest comment (from my loving nephew) gave me the motivation to change. When I heard the words: “Oh wow, you got fat!” innocently come out of his mouth I realized what was happening to me. I was pretending that being heavy was okay with me or that I didn’t care. In a sense, he “woke me up” and, I‘m grateful.

I made a commitment in that moment…I drew a line in the sand…I chose to become the best “me” that I possibly could be, inside and out.

13 months following this commitment I said bid farewell to 100 pounds and put myself back in the picture with my husband, Gabe, and my daughter, Mia.”

Priscilla Tuft's Transformation

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