717 Collection Hoodie

Part of the limited "717 Collection", this hoodie is not only incredibly comfortable but looks amazing. With a 100% cotton, super soft, inner liner, the 717 hoodie will keep you warm on those early morning or late night gym trips.
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Savage Shred Program


  • How I get contest ready using this exact blueprint and I'm going to hand it over to you!
  • No guesswork, just guaranteed results!
  • Custom, tri-phase intermittent fasting nutrition (includes carb cycling)
  • Tri-phase training system scientifically designed to match nutrition phases
  • 4 Pre-season videos that fully explain the science of our intermittent fasting
  • Full instructional videos for all exercises by me, PNBA Pro Bodybuilder, David Larson
  • Body composition tracker
  • BONUS: Lifetime, unlimited access for one purchase price!
  • BONUS: Works on any device!

717 Collection T-Shirt

Destiny Awaits

  • Part of the limited edition "717 Collection"
  • Loaded with symbolism
  • Comfort fit
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717 Collection No Fate Tank Top

There is no fate but what you make

  • Part of the limited edition "717 Collection"
  • Loaded with symbolism
  • Athletic fit
From: $24.99


Tapered and ultra comfortable

Our Body Spartan Joggers have a super soft inside with an ultra durable outer fabric to ensure maximum comfort and durability while lifting. Plus their stylish AF.
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$39.99 $24.99
$34.95 $29.99
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Apollo Nootropic

  • Increased in-gym focus
  • Increased mind-muscle connection
  • Shown to increase energy on a cellular level
  • Adaptogens feeding motivation
  • Nuerotransmitter replenishment

Body Spartan All Access

Access to EVERY Body Spartan Program! 14-DAY FREE TRIAL
  • Get full access to our all of our amazing programs
  • Full, custom calculated nutrition
  • 10 & 12 week programs
  • Instructional videos
  • Full workouts
  • Triphase, polymorphic, and contest prep style training
  • Body composition tracker
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