Body Spartan: G2

  • Lose body fat and get shredded, all while gaining lean muscle mass
  • Full 10-week program
  • Written and used by PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE AND CELEBRITY Gabe Tuft (AKA: former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks)
  • Works on any device
  • Access to the G2 members area with INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS and BONUS VIDEOS
  • PROVEN RESULTS with real people

Unleashed Mass Gain Program

Bulk up. Get huge. Get Unleashed.
  • Over 80 different workouts designed to shock the muscles into growth
  • Increasing intensity each week
  • Custom bulking nutrition macros
  • Cardio schedule and heart rate calculator
  • Recommended bulking supplement regimen
  • Daily content for 12 weeks including:
From: $99.95

Revolution Women’s Fitness Program

Get results faster with the ultimate keto diet and women's workout program: Revolution
  • LADIES - lose body fat and build lean muscle
  • Full 12-week program with instructional videos
  • Full keto diet and nutrition plan with recipes
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • One time purchase, lifetime access

T-Volve Mass Gainer

Supports lean muscle mass Shown to increase natural testosterone All natural formula

Xiphos Pump Formula

  • Shown to enhance muscle pumps
  • Shown to increase nitric oxide production
  • Shown to increase blood flow to muscle cells during workouts
  • All natural formula
$40.00 $24.00

Easy Gainz

Gabe Tuft's Personal testosterone boosting protocol with scientific methods to naturally optimize your testosterone and body shape!
  • How to naturally increase your testosterone
  • Natural supplements that increase testosterone
  • Strategies and habit changes to increase testosterone
  • Full section on pro-hormones

G2 Ultimate Shred Bundle

G2 Ultimate Shred Bundle with T-Volve, Xiphos, VIP access to Gabe's inbox, and Gabe's personal testosterone boosting protocol.
$728.95 $67.00

Genesis Ultimate Bundle

  • Genesis Shredding Program
  • 1 bottle of T-Volve
  • 1 bottle of Xiphos
  • 1 pair of Body Spartan Sport Headphones
The original keto diet shred program! The Genesis Program was the first keto diet program to hit the internet and has stood the test of time! Loaded with mindset motivation, instructional videos, pre-season videos, 12-weeks of workouts, custom nutrition, and cardio - this program is guaranteed to get you shredded or we'll give you your money back.

Unleashed Ultimate Bundle

  • Unleashed Mass Gaining Program
  • 1 bottle of T-Volve
  • 1 bottle of Xiphos
  • 1 pair of Body Spartan Sport Headphones
This is the ULTIMATE Mass Gain Program. With some of our customers boasting upwards of 20-lbs of natural muscle mass gain in 12-weeks, this program does not disappoint. Based on Gabe's theory of increasing intensity and nutrient intake simultaneously, in the perfect combination, the Unleashed Program is guaranteed to pack massive amounts of muscle on your frame or your money back.

Big Arm Bible

  • eBook with insider secrets from Gabe Tuft and the Body Spartans
  • Learn how to overload your arms to force them to grow
  • Nutrition and macros for serious arm growth
  • Includes 13 arm workouts AND links to Body Spartan workouts for all other muscle groups
  • Full training split included
  • Downloads as high-res PDF and works on any device
$40.00 $24.00