I kept failing over and over again, I felt alone, discouraged and frustrated.

This is why my heart is SET on helping women SUCCEED. No one should be alone in their fitness journey. This is why I created my online accountability groups. The girls that are in the current group with me now are getting MIND-BLOWING results and told their friend so I am hosting ANOTHER challenge online this month! We are all revved up and ready to get in AWESOME shape as a TEAM

We all come from different walks of life. We are different ages, and different personalities but equally as motivated to change our lives in monumental ways! Some of us are looking to lose a great deal of weight and others are pushing for a fitness competition! The CORE of this group is helping each other be our BEST wherever we are in our fitness journey.

On the first Monday of the month I will PERSONALLY be coaching an online accountability success group. The ladies in this group are all at different stages in our fitness journey. Some of us have 100 pounds to lose while others want to sculpt their very best six pack! Whatever our walk of life we are a community of ladies that lift each other up. We work TOGETHER as a TEAM to reach for our DREAMS and help others! This month I will be selecting 6 girls to join me. These girls must be ready to give it all the guts, intensity, and drive they’ve got for 21 days!

In our group I will be sharing the details and tips that have helped me lose over 90 pounds and KEEP IT OFF FOREVER!

xoxo Priscilla Tuft

Priscilla lose weight

Priscilla lost over 90 lbs in 10 months

Lose weight like Ashley did

Ashley lost over 60 lbs in just over 12 months

Alicia before and after

Alicia went from a 32″ waist to 28″ waist in 30 days!

Please DO NOT complete these steps unless you are 100% committed to success:

  • Complete the application below. Applicants will be selected based on their personal commitment and the compelling nature of their application.
  • I will be PERSONALLY contacting the selected applicants and helping to customize a workout and nutrition plan that matches their goals and fitness level.
  • Each participant is required to be 100% committed to their nutrition plan, workout routine and group participation.


What Does the Success Group Entail?

  • Our 6 Pack challenge group starts the first Monday of the month!
  • We will be doing an entire week or preparation starting the first Monday of the month.
  • We will all start day one as a TEAM the following Monday!
  • Each day we help and motivate each other to achieve our fitness goals.
  • Daily motivation and inspiration will be shared along with MY PERSONAL SIX PACK SUCCESS SECRETS!!!

5 Committed Participants Will Be Selected Based on the Application Below!

Priscilla Tuft is a fitness s coach who gets six pack results in 30 days!

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