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Lose weight with visualization

How to lose weight with visualization techniques

As a small child, not wanting to go to school for fear of rejection from others, my dad gave me some solid advice. He said, “Smile and act confident and friends will come to you.” My daddy inspired me to let confidence reside in my spirit before it truly existed because I was walking forth […]

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Get big biceps and arms

Best Bicep Workout for Big Arms

The Gauntlet – Best Bicep Workout Arm workouts have long been a source of men’s attention and research. Why? Because when you wear a short sleeve shirt, there’s nothing cooler than stretching out the sleeves and knowing your epic biceps are being eyed by women and envied by men everywhere you go. Getting your biceps […]

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Fat loss detox challenge with Priscilla Tuft

Fat loss detox with Priscilla starts Monday!

New fat loss detox challenge group begins this coming Monday, March 2, 2015 Now’s your chance to join our proven support/challenge groups and begin your journey to the body you’ve always dreamed of! What is fat loss detox challenge group? Why you need online coaching Turn your life around with this amazing fat loss detox! Priscilla’s […]

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Kai Greene's leg workout is put to the test

Putting Kai Greene’s Leg Workout to the Test

Current Mr. Olympia contender and #2 bodybuilder in the world, Kai Greene has one heck of a leg workout. We’re gonna put it to the test. It’s only fitting that my current avatar in the bodybuilding world is Kai Greene. His viewpoints on staying positive and the importance of the mind muscle connection are directly in […]

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3 fitness and bodybuilding tips

3 fitness and bodybuilding tips you need to know

Following in the footsteps of those that have succeeded before you is the fastest way to succeed. These three critical bodybuilding and fitness tips will skyrocket your gains! When it comes to fitness and bodybuilding, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  Tens of thousands of dedicated athletes have already paved the whey for you […]

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Lucha Underground debuts Brian Cage

Brian Cage debuts on Lucha Underground

Team Body Spartan member, Brian Cage, proves why he’s the f’ing machine on Lucha Underground. This past week on the El Rey network, Team Body Spartan founding member, Brian Cage, destroyed Prince Puma after his match with Fenix. Brian Cage stormed the ring in full singlet, dishing out pain in the form of three power bombs […]

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Fitness motivation for girls and female power lifting

Girls can lift heavy too – fitness motivation

If you’re a girl and you’re worried about getting too bulky from lifting heavy, you need to watch this video Introducing Team Body Spartan members Elissa Jordan and Kristie Lee in this new fitness motivational video.  Packed with motivation for both power lifting and fitness in general, this video shows you exactly how hard these […]

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Maximize your powerlifting strength with nutrition and diet

Power lifting and nutrition – why you aren’t meeting your goals

Lift hard, lift heavy, and push yourself beyond your limits each session.  I fully agree with this.  There are those days though when you simply can’t push yourself beyond your limits and it’s not because you don’t want to, it’s simply because physiologically you don’t have the ability to.  That’s where nutrition comes in. Eat […]

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Big back workouts

Back workouts from the Body Spartans

Back workouts are a dime a dozen but how many really get you that awesome V-shape? Here’s 4 back exercises and a back workout routine to fry your lats. Years of training has led me to try dozens of back workouts over my fitness career. I’ve found that some of them work great and others […]

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Low carb dinner ideas for new year's eve

New Year’s Eve Dinner Ideas

Here’s 3 healthy recipes for your New Year’s Eve dinner AND 2 drink tips! The last two weeks of every year are usually spent binging on foods that are not part of your nutrition plan.  In the months leading up to this, everyone scrambles to drop a few pounds to look their best in that […]

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