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Become a professional wrestler

Train to become a professional wrestler

So you want to become a professional wrestler and want to train like one. Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks shows you his secrets. Training to be a pro-wrestler takes an immense amount of dedication in the ring and outside the ring. From my personal experience and exposure to the sport, the best wrestlers are the ones […]

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Back workout by Shreddybrek AKA Adam Foster

Shreddybrek’s Heavy Back Workout

In my last post, I shared my high volume back workout, along with some pointers for developing a fuller, thicker, and stronger back. Well, that high volume back workout is just 1 half of the deliciously gain filled pie that serving for you today. My 2nd back workout is what I call my ‘heavy’ back […]

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This is as real as it gets – Truth about T-Reks

Want to hear some TRUTH about me?? Gabe’s Challenge Group Starts on October 20, 2014 I wasn’t always the confident, happy, successful personal I am today.  When I was in high school I weighed only 172lbs at 6’-3”. I was nerdy, had very few friends, and was basically an outcast. If one of my few […]

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Mika Rotunda's weight loss story

Mika Rotunda’s Story

The daughter of WWE Legend Mike Rotunda and sister of WWE Superstars Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas tells her incredible weight loss story. Ninth grade. 15 years old. 237 Pounds. I was ordering my clothes offline because they no longer had my size in the stores. Once I ordered a pair of size 20 pants from […]

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Body spartan now offering Beach Body

What happened to Body Spartan?

We partnered up with Beach Body to bring you the most effective and success-driven programs in the world. I didn’t sell out in WWE and I’m not selling out now.  Instead, I (we) have teamed up with one of the largest and most successful fitness companies in the world. We tediously reviewed each one of their programs […]

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Featured Supplements

Featured Supplement:

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