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Big back workout with Shreddybrek

Adam Foster’s Big Back Workout Secrets

Building a big back is essential to developing a well rounded, balanced and aesthetically pleasing physique. You don’t have to recreate the extreme’s of Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, or my coach, Eddy Ellwood, but you shouldn’t hold back when focusing your efforts into this muscle group. Over the past 18 months alone i’ve made some […]

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August Unlocked

Now through Labor Day 2014, all Body Spartan premium content is unlocked! That means you have full access to all of the training, nutrition, and fitness articles on the site, and you won’t pay a dime.  No credit cards, no trial periods, just pure knowledge at your fingertips with no obligations. Training articles from internationally […]

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Mother of all chest workouts

The mother of all chest workouts

Looking for the king of all chest workouts? Look no further. Ahhhh it must be Monday, because its international chest day. Without a doubt this has to be the most popular, and common workout/body part to work out week after week for each and every guy. I give a lot of it do to the good […]

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Biceps workout for Zeke Freaks

So it’s biceps day. I walk into the gym completely fresh and ready to train my arms. Last time I wrote about training biceps after a heavy back training session of back. In this workout I’m completely focused on triceps and biceps. When I’m completely fresh meaning I haven’t pre-exhausted my arms by training back, […]

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Should you do cardio before or after weight lifting

Do I do cardio before or after weight lifting?

What’s better – to do cardio before or after weight lifting? Team Body Spartan has been actively searching the internet for the five most frequently asked questions about fitness.  This week we tackle number four which is, “Should I do my cardio before or after my workout?”.  Body Spartan founder, Gabe Tuft, answers this question […]

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6 Healthy Recipes That Will Make You Say: God Bless America

Whether you are attending a party this year or entertaining your family at home, try these colorfully healthy recipes that everyone will love! Independence Day Parties do not have to be something that guests must recover from nutritionally! Food should never be something that we feel digestively or emotionally “bad” after eating. One of my […]

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Abs workout for a six pack

Abs workout for that 6 pack you’ve always wanted

Looking for that abs workout to ensure you get a six pack for summer? This is week number 3 in our series on answering the five most frequently asked questions on the internet about fitness.  This week, we answer the question, “What’s the best abs workout to get a six pack?” Actually, the question should […]

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