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Squat motivation with the Body Spartan team

Squat motivation

Get motivated for squats and go to war Loading 600lbs on your back and stepping back from the squat rack is no small feat. It takes immense physical training, dedication, and one hell of a strong mind. At no point can your mind say, “I can’t do this”. If it does, consider yourself a dead […]

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How much arch in my bench press

Bodybuilding Bench Press VS Powerlifting Bench Press

To arch or not to arch in a bench press…That is the question. We’ve all seen photos and videos of people bench pressing using an extreme arch in their back.  The purpose of this technique is directly related to powerlifting competitions and the rules associated with them. However, before we dive into whether or not […]

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Motivation for squats

Motivation for Squats

Find your motivation for squats right here In the video below, Team Body Spartan Member Rob Morris, peaks out on his 3’s day with 540lbs. Rob is preparing for his first powerlifting competition and is just three weeks out. He is competing in the men’s heavyweight, natural division. No drugs. Just lots of hard work […]

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Trap exercises and workout

Trap Exercises

4 trap exercises to make those peaks massive Well built trap muscles make you look good from all angles.  From the front your neck looks huge. From the side, you can see the peak sticking through your shirts. From the back…well, it speaks for itself. Getting traps to the point where other guys think twice […]

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Back workouts with Body Spartan

Back workouts

If you’re tired of the same back workouts not getting results, it’s time to shock your muscles and force them to grow! The back is one of the most complex muscle groups on the body. It’s no wonder that there are thousands of back workouts floating around the internet. The question you need to ask […]

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Triceps workout from Body Spartan

Triceps workout

Triceps: they take up 2/3 of your arm and stretch your sleeves out. This big triceps workout will turns heads! While most people are concerned with growing their biceps, the guys with the massive arms know that a solid triceps workout is the key to arms that make the ladies go, “ooooh”.  The triceps muscles […]

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Fitness motivation and workout motivation programs

Fitness motivation – the path to success

Fitness motivation and workout motivation will shape your success. Here’s 3 tips to get motivated and stay motivated. Becoming a fitness icon that inspires millions of people may or may not be your goal – but wanting/having your dream body and feeling confident in all that you do and wear is something that we can all […]

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Lose weight with visualization

How to lose weight with visualization techniques

As a small child, not wanting to go to school for fear of rejection from others, my dad gave me some solid advice. He said, “Smile and act confident and friends will come to you.” My daddy inspired me to let confidence reside in my spirit before it truly existed because I was walking forth […]

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Get big biceps and arms

Best Bicep Workout for Big Arms

The Gauntlet – Best Bicep Workout Arm workouts have long been a source of men’s attention and research. Why? Because when you wear a short sleeve shirt, there’s nothing cooler than stretching out the sleeves and knowing your epic biceps are being eyed by women and envied by men everywhere you go. Getting your biceps […]

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Fat loss detox challenge with Priscilla Tuft

Fat loss detox with Priscilla starts Monday!

New fat loss detox challenge group begins this coming Monday, March 2, 2015 Now’s your chance to join our proven support/challenge groups and begin your journey to the body you’ve always dreamed of! What is fat loss detox challenge group? Why you need online coaching Turn your life around with this amazing fat loss detox! Priscilla’s […]

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