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How to break through plateaus

20, Mar 2019
Gabe Tuft gives us his inside secrets on breaking through to the next level with fitness Subscribe to our channel!  Get the all access pass! Access every single Body Spartan Program AND the Spartan Army VIP section now!


Radioactive Arm Workout

03, Mar 2019
After this insane arm workout, you’ll be wanting to sell tickets to the gun show. Summer is quickly approaching, and the guys are here this week to make sure you are looking spot on for those sunny days on the…

Quarantine Arm Workout

Arm Workout – “Quarantine”

29, Jan 2019
It’s week two of Gabe’s comeback training and we’re blasting biceps and triceps in this nasty arm workout! “Warm-up” week is over and Gabe and Howard are on full lock down in this arm workout video, [...]

Back and biceps workout

Killer Back and Biceps Workout

18, Jan 2019
David puts Gabe through his first back and biceps comeback workout! Gabe’s been out of the gym for three months straight due to some lower back issues. He was also taking it easy a few months prior to that due…


Is your mic rolling?

15, Dec 2018
Did Gabe really just do that? If you need a good laugh, watch this 30-second video where Gabe totally sabotages Howard’s diet. Howard is two weeks into a fresh cut program with a keto diet – AKA: ultra low carbs…


The 3 Things Necessary To Succeed

14, Dec 2018
These 3 Things Are Necessary To Succeed Body Spartan Brand Ambassador Howard Perry (aka Captain Red Beard) goes over the 3 necessary things needed to succeed and shoot for the stars.   Ready for more secrets that will maximize your…