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Unleashed workout program by Body SpartanUnleashed workout program by Body Spartan

Unleashed Mass Gain Program

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T-Volve Natural Testosterone BoosterT-Volve Natural Testosterone Booster


Body Spartan Genesis, Gabe Tuft, 2nd EditionBody Spartan Genesis, Gabe Tuft, 2nd Edition

Body Spartan: Genesis


What is a Body Spartan

A Body Spartan is someone who knows that they were made for more. Someone who has feeling deep down inside that they were made for greatness.
A Body Spartan is a person who has decided to be their very best self and then go forth and help others do the very same thing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and motivate everyone who wants to improve their body and mind. It is our passion to help every person to find their limitless ability to harness the power of their mind to unleash their fitness potential. We strive to break boundaries, break the chains of average, and accept only the fact that each one of us were made for greatness.



Our Mission

With the tools and knowledge that only a lifetime of fitness experience can offer, we strive to help our customers change their physiques and their entire lives. By using our carefully selected team members, we will provide the motivation and inspiration necessary to create a positive network of customer success stories that can be shared on social media and encourage others to change their lives.

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21, Aug 2017
Team Body Spartan Invaded Seattle on August 19, 2017 The Body Spartans arrived at Get Strong First in Shoreline, WA and were greeted by a gym-full of dedicated fans. The event started immediately and what followed was a true example…


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15, Aug 2017
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Episode 14 – 8 secrets to packing on lean muscle…fast

11, Aug 2017
Gabe and Priscilla devulge 8 secrets to packing on lean muscle, and doing it as quickly as humanly possible. These 8 tips are going to be priceless in your fitness journey. They apply to guys and girls, and should be…


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08, Aug 2017
Brand ambassador, Brandon Griffith, joins Howard and Gabe to discuss these four life changing keys. Find out how to unlock your true potential on this captivating and hilarious episode.

Rick Bassman on the Body Spartan Podcast

Episode 12 – Rick Bassman

08, Aug 2017
MMA promoter, pro-wrestling promotor, owner of sports agencies, and more – Rick Bassman has done it all and has hit rock bottom. From 7 figures in his bank account to only the cash in his pocket, find out how Rick…


Episode 11 – Chris Minnes

02, Aug 2017
Owner of the NPC Tahoe Show, partner in the Ferrigno Legacy, and bodybuilding champion, Chris Minnes brings an amazing amount of knowledge and experience to the podcast. His amazing story about how he got started and the mindset it took…