Gym motivation with Brian Cage

You either want it or you don’t – serious motivation for the gym.

Brian Cage tells it like it is with no sugar coating. Here’s a guy that’s on the road almost every day of the week, a pro-wrestler dealing with constant injuries and pain, and yet he STILL finds time to get his workouts in. Take one minute and listen up!


3 tips for ensuring success in the gym

TIP #1: Set a clear and obtainable goal.

It’s important that you don’t just set a goal for the scale, such as to lose 10-lbs. The scale lies. In fact, your weight is probably the worst ways to view your progress. Rather than relying completely on the scale, make sure that your checking your body fat on a weekly basis. More often than not you’re gaining muscle mass while you’re losing body fat. This gives the illusion that you’re not making progress because your way he will stay the same or it will only decrease slowly.

So now the question is How you know what body fat percentage you want to be at and what weight you want to be at? For most people, you’re out and start coming in at about 10 to 11% body fat. Around 8% body fat you should be looking incredibly shredded with your ABS popping nicely. For females, this is going to be slightly higher. This is because women tend to carry more body fat genetically and due to naturally higher estrogen levels.

Basically, this translates to setting that isn’t outrageous, with the understanding that your body fat is really the biggest factor in determining how your physique changes. So set a goal that’s somewhat easy to a teen a check your body fat weekly.

TIP #2: Control the input.

Success in the gym and in life starts with controlling what goes into your mind. In most cases people spend huge amounts of time watching television. The crap that they ingest is more negative than positive. One of the very first things that we tell people that we do personal coaching with, is to cut TV out of their life and replace it with what we call personal development.

Personal development is where you to replace things like television with things like motivational videos or motivational podcasts, or even audio-books. If you typically spend 20 to 30 minutes doing your cardio, rather than watching something mindless, you can take advantage of that time and watch something that will further you towards your goal. When you start replacing the mind was garbage that most of us are so used to watching and listening to, and positive motivational material your brain starts to reprogram the way it thinks. This will create a snowball effect in every aspect of your life-in good way!

Tip #3: Check your ego at the door

Bodybuilding and physique transformations aren’t about power lifting. There is a common misconception that you have to throw around heavyweight in the gym to build muscle. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, if you look at most power lifters they don’t have that pool side physique. Staying clear of your one rep max and focusing on forcing blood into the muscle cells with higher reps will build lean muscle faster and help you get to your goal faster. Hypertrophy is the goal here. Exhausting every single muscle fiber is key to your success.

Now don’t get us wrong. There’s a place for lifting heavy, it’s just not all the time. In fact, we cover this in just about every program we offer. Mixing up your training style is another major factor in ongoing muscle development. Yes, you need strength but you also need to work on hypertrophy. This is why we are so keen on changing training styles every few weeks in our programs. What’s more, is that we typically change the workout up completely every two weeks, or even weekly in our programs. This keeps your muscles guessing and doesn’t allow them to plateau. The result is faster muscle growth, reduced body fat, and overall exponentially faster progression towards your goal.

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