Savage Shred Intermittent Fasting Program
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Build lean muscle, get stronger, and rapidly incinerate body fat FOR FREE - with SAVAGE SHRED.

What is
It's our intermittent fasting breakthrough program. A full 12-week program from INBA Natural Pro-Bodybuilder, David Larson, Savage Shred is a high volume, contest-shred style program that mixes weight training, HIIT training, and intermittent fasting for rapid body fat loss and muscle gain in as little as 14-days

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Intermittent fasting

6 Workouts Per Week

45-90 minute workouts

Meet your trainer
David Larson 
If you're serious about getting shredded, then you're going to love working out with INBA Natural Pro-Bodybuilder, David Larson. Placing 5th in the world at the Natural Olympia, David's workouts are efficient and are the product of years of research and real-world application.
With Savage Shred, he proves that his own personal diet and workouts, customized just for you, will push you past any plateau. 
Why it Works
Tri-phase training system designed to match nutrition
With three completely different phases of training and nutrition scientifically designed to match, Savage Shred is the pinnacle of rapid physique transformation programs.
The intermittent fasting nutrition is easy to follow and flexible - PLUS David's workouts, while also easy to follow, are on the upper spectrum of intensity across all Body Spartan Programs. The results are amazingly fast physique transformations that you can actually see in the mirror!

David Usher went full SAVAGE...

Now look at him!

"Started my journey right at 210 lbs. I started Savage Shred and I'm down to 169 and 7% BF. The gains I've made through the Body Spartan programs are undeniable but the mental, spiritual, and emotional gains have been just as impressive. I now walk taller, head held high, and with purpose. I owe this all to Body Spartan."

-David Usher

†Results vary based on starting point and effort.

How it Works

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There are instructional videos that fully explain every aspect of the Savage Shred Program including workouts, each exercise, nutrition, motivation, and goal setting.

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We custom calculate your macros and tell you what to eat to get incredible results with your program.

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One you see your FREE 14-day results, you're going to want to go the distance and be the best possible version of yourself by completing Savage Shred...

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