5 Things you should know about Using CBD for your Workouts

CBD for your workouts

As more people begin to explore what CBD is and how it can possibly help a person’s workouts there are some things you should know. Below are 5 things you should know about using CBD for your workouts.

Different Strands

Different strands of CBD offer different results, for different people. For example, the sativa the strand will usually help a person with higher energy levels and feeling very positive. While the indica strand usually helps a person relax, especially after a great run and a hot shower.

There are no guarantees as to what will work or will not work because each person is different in how he or she will react to the different strands. It is also possible that a person will reap no benefit from using CBD in any form. Just like any prescription medication it may help one person tremendously and not help another person at all.

CBD oil for better sleep

No “Traditional” High

CBD strands have little to no THC which means, when they are inhaled with the help of 180 Smoke weed vaporizers the vape will not let you get the traditional high. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid, while CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabis. This is important because traditional marijuana, like one of those, is used mostly to zone out or give up control for a period of time. CBD has been shown to help people with certain conditions, like chronic pain, but does not take anything away, like sleep, but could actually help a person sleep.

Different options for taking CBD for your Workouts

Everyone has their own personal preference for how to take medications. CBD comes in several different forms allowing a person to choose between oil, capsules or smoking. Using CBD oil or capsules easier to keep track of how much a person is taking. This can allow for adjusting the dosage if necessary as a person figures out what is best for them.

A good idea would be to start a journal to keep track of what type of strands a person is taking and at what dosages. A person should also include how his or her body reacted to that strand and dosage. This will help the person make a more educated decision about whether to increase or decrease their dose.

Potential side effects

Anyone introducing CBD into their workouts is looking to be able to either obtain more energy so he or she can work out longer. Or the person is looking to be able to push themselves a little farther and is using CBD for pain. A person needs to understand the possible side effects, which have occurred with a small number of people who have used CBD.

The side effects that have been noted so far include, but are not limited to, slower reaction time, fatigue, short-term memory loss and a lower ability to be alert. Also, although smoking cannabis is not nearly as harmful as smoking cigarettes, CBD does contain some carcinogens that can increase the chances of a person getting bronchitis. These side effects seem to be linked to people who have used cannabis on a fairly regular basis. That probably means a person using CBD occasionally, with their work out will be unlikely to have these particular side effects.

Non-addictive and Legal

Most people avoid using any type of marijuana because it is illegal in many states. However, CBD is an all-natural product which is legal in all 50 states. This allows a person to order CBD without the worries of being arrested.

Furthermore, although the research is minimal, at this time, there is no proof that CBD is addictive. The couple of studies that were done several decades ago have been proven to be false. This is not mean that no one could get addicted, but at this time the research is showing CBD is a non-addictive drug.

Understanding the 5 things you should know about using CBD for your workouts is important so that you can make an educated decision. Because the research is minimal you must do your own research and come to your own conclusions. You will need to decide which strand might be best, what dosage to begin with, what the potential side effects could be and that there are different ways to ingest CBD, in the form of capsules, oil, edibles and smoking.

Using CBD for your workouts has great potential, for example helping with inflammation and higher levels of energy. However, be aware each person is different and CBD might not be the right fit for everyone. If you find it is helpful for your workouts CBD could help you have a great workout.

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