Can’t afford a workout program? Stop eating out for 30 days and you can!

Eating out will cost you money - start saving!

Stop eating out and save moneyEating out costs you not only your health due to bad nutrition, but also the chance to get in the best shape of your life.

More times than not I will be chatting with a person I’ve met on Facebook about our challenge groups when the discussion of price comes up.  Usually by this time I have a good grasp on this person’s goals for fitness and overall health, have discussed with them their obstacles, and really have all the key elements on hand to make a difference in their life.  Many of the people that I chat with on Facebook Messenger are those that have tried several times in the past to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle but have never crossed the finish line.  Knowing that I haven’t failed yet and that I am confident I can get this person to their goals, my heart breaks when I hear them say, “I can’t afford this program”.

With most people, the program we’ve selected for them is usually one that will send them down a life changing path.  It’s the one that will help them change their nutritional lifestyle, have more energy, and live a longer and healthier life.  Looking at all of the options for many potential challengers and discussing with them the issue of finances, one thing continuously sticks out – everyone eats out.  Even though they may not think they eat out THAT MUCH, they do…and it costs them A LOT of money every month.

For example, The Simple Dollar wrote an article this year about eating out and what it costs the American public. On average, Americans eat 4.2 commercially prepared meals per week.  This is equivalent to 18.2 meals per month at an average cost of $12.75.  Totaling to $232 per month in money spent eating outside of the home.

Now, that’s not accounting for our national coffee habit. Oh yes, we still have our Starbucks coffees that we drink several times a week.  Look at the breakdown below from The Savvy Student:

The cost of eating out and having starbucks monthly

If you have just three Gourmet Coffee’s a week, you’re now pushing a grand total of almost $300/month in eating (and drinking) out. If you have four, you are most likely over the $300/month range.   By cutting out your daily Starbucks and by preparing your meals at home for 30 days, you will save more than enough money to participate in any program we offer.  What’s more, is that in the money saving process, you will most likely be eating healthier already and setting yourself up for success when you do start one of our programs.

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