Fitness Q&A with TNA’s Ethan Carter

Your fitness questions, answered with Ethan Carter

Fitness questions and answers with TNA's Ethan CarterBody Spartan Team Member Ethan Carter answers all your fitness questions from social media.

Hey gang. How’s it going? Good? Good!

Received some feedback to the 10×10 workouts from last week, so if you did them cool! If you didn’t do them also cool, as that means more muscles for us that did.

Some questions that were asked in regards to the 10×10 was

“how many weeks can I
do it?”

The answer is: I don’t know really. I did it for two weeks, as a switch-up to the usual, but one week is great for a shock, two weeks is cool, hell maybe four weeks? It’s all really speculative, but if you enjoyed the change from the norm do it as long as you like. Just remember that the body adapts very easily, so always throwing in variations will help you on the road to Muscle Town.

Having received questions regarding some things I wrote, I thought I’d open up this week to some Twitter questions about working out. So here are some questions that were asked to me about working out with answers that I am going to write down to said questions about working out. I could condense that sentence, but I won’t because you’re not the boss of me.

Remember my answers are all my opinion. My expertise is limited to “things I have done that worked, things I have done that haven’t worked, things I’ve heard or read by people smarter than me.” Here we go.

Q: @tyler_tibbs: @EthanCarterTNA Do you work out a lot?

A: Yea, sure. Great start……..

Q: @iRealLalo: @EthanCarterTNA what Does your diet and workouts consist of ?

A: My diet is pretty simple. I go mostly low carb (balancing equal protein/fats) for most meals. Go high carb/high protein postworkout (as in heavy resistance training.)
But look into the Body Spartan diet plan:

Custom Nutrition Plan Special Offer

Workouts vary as I like to switch things up to not allow body to adapt, but do both steady state/ HIIT cardio (varies when) and lift free weights trying to balance aesthetically looking good for TV with functionality of being an athlete. Yoga too. This is a whole write-up in itself.

Q: @AzzaG_A1: @ethancartertna I keep training myHow to work your lower abs abs but can only seem to get the top bit of my abs any tips or exercises to help develop my lower abs

A: Abs, especially lower, are going to come down to some cardio, mostly diet. Look into the Body Spartan diet plan (link above)

As far as specific exercises to target the lower abs, think outside the box of typical reverse crunch/leg raises and look at exercises that incorporate your core like squats/deadlifts. Ab wheel is cool too.

Q: @nolanhowell: @EthanCarterTNA should those focusing on weight loss focus on isolation or compound lifts in addition to cardio?

A: Those focusing on weight loss should turn attention to….. wait for it….. a diet plan first. Body
Spartan has a great one available (see link above)

I’m a huge proponent of compound lifts over isolation, as something that works various parts of your body in one motion will benefit any isolation work (think free standing squats over a leg ext machine.) Keep the cardio too. Try the lifting first, finish with the cardio.

Q: @amber_brooke541: @EthanCarterTNA is it better to eat before or after a workout?

A: Both. Depending. If training first thing in the morning, I like to train fasted (having not eaten at all) and postworkout having a shake, then meal hour or so later. Optimally when training in afternoon to evening I like preworkout caffeine, whey protein and MCTs (healthy fats) and post-workout whey protein/carbs.

Q: @TheOnlySherrod: @EthanCarterTNA What are the best kettle bell exercises?

A: Great question. Not the best for me to answer though as my kettlebell experience is limited. I think you can research and find some great ones. A couple I like are goblet squats, kettle bell lat raises, and kettle bell bench with bands (it’s wild and I’m to tired to explain)

Q: @ElBasedParko: @EthanCarterTNA thoughts on front squats?

A: Do them. They’re great. Foundation of cleans as well. Probably superior to back squats as far as quad development. Use an athletic grip though.

Q: @thewayofCK: @EthanCarterTNA why does the smith machine work so well? Is it true you owe all credit of your muscles to that very machine?

A: No and I’m cutting you off from my preworkout supply.

Planet fitnessQ: @TheFrayMovement: @EthanCarterTNA There is a gym across the street from my apartment. Please advise as to my correct course of action.

A: Go to it, unless it is Planet Fitness.

Q: @stringtheory9: @EthanCarterTNA What aspect of fitness (strength, cardio, flex, etc.) should someone prepping for wrestling school focus most on?

A:  All of the above train like an athlete who also needs to be ready for the beach. Since you know you are shirtless, in your underwear, and already look foolish you might as well look good while you look like a fool.

Ok, I’m tired.  Keep those questions coming and I’ll do my best to answer them.


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