How I Lost My Last 21 Pounds: Body Spartan 21 Day Detox Challenge

Detoxing your body with Priscilla Tuft

Before getting ready to diet for any Fitness show, photo shoot, or fat loss goal I have one secret weapon to get ultimate results. I detox!

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Detox your body with Priscilla Tuft
Priscilla before her detox

With 80 pounds to lose after Baby Spartan was born I knew I had some work to do. I remembered the tricks that worked in the past and put them into action. Detox is how I peeled off 21 pounds in 21 days and revved up my fat burning furnace to rid my body of the remaining 64 pounds.

Gabe and I regularly detox to cleanse and reboot our bodies. With the turn of each season we do our detox program for 21 days, set new goals and then begin a fresh workout or diet regimen to stay motivated. If you have never tried a detox, prepare to get leaner than you have ever been, absorb more of the muscle building nutrients that you ingest and feel more energy throughout the day.

Lose body fat with detoxing
Priscilla after her detox with her husband Gabe and her daughter Mia.

Other things that we notice after our detox cycle:

  • Faster Fat Loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Less blemishes and more even skin tone (on face and body)
  • Our metabolisms rev up keeping us leaner all year long
  • We feel more positive and have more balanced moods
  • Improved digestion in the past one cleanse has healed our stomach aches, heartburn
  • Reduction in headaches,, joint pain and many other gnarly wrestling and weight training ailments
  • Reduction of cellulite (Thank you GOD!!)


Why Detox Works:

Fast weight loss happens when the detox rids the body of toxins that build up in the digestive track and organs.  Even though we eat clean, use natural products and drink pure water our environment creates a toxic build up that upsets the bodies natural balance. Processed foods, chemicals ( if you don’t use them remember those around you still do) cleaners, plastic food storage, plastic water bottles and so many other damaging components are what line your insides with harmful toxins on a daily basis. Your body can not expel all of these toxins on its own which is why it slows fat loss and zaps your energy.  Toxins lay dormant in your cells when the body is not regularly detoxified; this causes disease, weight gain, sickness and aging.  No thank you!


Detox will work for someone who:

  • Is tired and lacking energy
  • Is experiencing a weight loss plateau (scale won’t budge)
  • Is about to begin a new diet or workout
  • Has a healthy diet & exercises regularly but is not getting results
  • Is preparing for a photo shoot or competition
  • Has made a decision to live a fit lifestyle after years of unhealthy eating
  • Had dental work or a surgery of any kind
  • Is experiencing digestive problems or other unexplained physical ailments

Once toxins are cleaned out, the body can begin to replace the body’s energy supplies with beneficial nutrients to begin seeing fat loss results. There are a multitude of successful detoxification techniques, though temporary dietary changes comprise the easiest and least expensive methods. Many different dietary techniques can be effective but the important part is that one method is attempted and completed it in its entirety. There are strict detox diets that have served us well but the supplemental remedies that we have found after years of trials and research have helpoed us become more healthy and lean than we have ever been in our lives.

An effective Detox should:

  • Thoroughly cleanse kidneys, liver, colon and skin of all toxic build up by taking supplements which bind to the impurities and flush them out thoroughly.
  • Create an alkaline environment for your body (Cancer and illness is only present in an Acidic body)
  • Soothe and reinstate the balance of minerals
  • Restore metabolism with vital nutrients and enzymes
  • Include a healthy diet ( not necessarily an extreme diet)

We have tried dozens of different detox programs which we liked but finally established our favorite. Ultimate Reset has every component that we were looking for and has the most extreme results for the lowest cost.  If you are interested in trying the detox that we are do, use our discount and our free bonus gifts for Ultimate Reset here. This is what comes in the package that we get:

  • A motivating DVD with detailed instructions for the 21 day challenge
  • A complete 21 day eating plan including recipes, cooking tips, shopping lists
  • Six supplements that perfectly meet our criteria to help restore the body
  • A cooking class DVD to learn how to prepare Ultimate Reset recipes.
  • A few small gifts that make us smile
  • Also awesome for when we were skeptical they give a money back guarantee…but we improved our physiques, felt better and here we are using it again.

Detox your body with fat loss program

We are excited to hear about your success with the 21 Day Body Spartan Detox Challenge! What is your favorite detox?


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