Pyramid Sets For Bigger Biceps

Pyramid Arm Workout Bigger Biceps – Growing up in my neighborhood, biceps were Very important.  To show each other how strong we were, young men would hit the front double bicep pose and flex their arms. I can specifically remember kids saying “Show me your muscles !” and the first thing everyone would do is; roll up their sleeves and flex their arms as hard as they could.  Depending on the shape of your arm, you would either give spectators a front view, or a back view.  Basically, you would give everybody whatever gave off the best illusion that you’re arms were bigger than the next guy’s. Growing bigger biceps is an art form.

As I reminisce about the days of my childhood, the image that haunts me was when I had no biceps.  I had no curve, no bump, or anything.  Just straight wind pipes for arms.  So, when I started my weight training, growing my arms was a priority.  They are absolutely my favorite part of my body to train! Bigger biceps will boost your confidence.

One of my favorite arm workouts involves pyramid curl sets with the assistance of my arm blaster.  The arm blaster is a piece that I can wear around my neck that falls right on my chest.  It helps give me the great form that I need for my arms.  Specifically, it isolates the biceps and prevents you from cheating the motion. Look at the picture of me in this article for an example.

For those who do not know what pyramid sets are, you need to do a particular work out with three different sets of weights.  You start with heavy weight, medium weight, and then a low weight with no rest in between your repetitions.  You go from the heaviest to the lightest with a fifteen second rest, and then you go backwards.

This is how I do my pyramid bicep workouts:

  • Set 1: 100lb EZ Curl Bar
    • 6 reps
    • 15 second rest
  • Set 2: 50lb EZ Curl Bar
    • 8 reps
    • 15 second rest
  • Set 3: 30lb EZ Curl Bar
    • Max out
    • 15 second rest

Get bigger biceps with this pyramid workoutAfter following those steps, do the exact same thing but backwards.  By the time that I get back up to the 100lb curl bar I can usually only get about 2 repetitions in, but that’s OK! I’ve completely fatigued the muscle at that point and also pushed the muscle to failure.  I’m getting the best of both types of muscle exhaustion which will ultimately lead to more muscle growth than training for just one or the other.

Try to implement this routine into your workout.  I do two sets of pyramids on any particular body part on any given day, but I get a kick out of doing arms the most.  Take measurements of your arm before and then 6 weeks later and note the difference.  I guarantee if you follow this workout, you will put on some size and kiss those wind pipes goodbye.

Arm blaster on

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