Tips for building a big back

Try this simple trick in your next back workout!

Howard and Brandon demonstrate a simple and easy tweak that will make a massive difference when it comes to building a big back.

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A big back is all about technique

Building a big back is really about technique and focusing on the mind-muscle connection. Once you’ve mastered that, you can move on to tips like those in the video. By varying your grip on all of your exercises, you’re putting completely different tensions on your back muscles. While this seems simple, it creates a massive effect in shaping and growing your back. Using underhand, overhand, and hammer grips on all of your exercises AND rotating those grips frequently, will continuously shock the back muscles.

Don’t worry about the weight either. Pushing heavy weight is overrated. While strength training is an important part of growing your muscles, focusing on the pump and the contraction is every bit as important – if not MORE important.

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