You Must Know This To Protect Yourself

There are infections that can be caught from anywhere around the world, even if you are attempting to socially distance.

It has become a pandemic even more infectious than viruses and bacteria. It’s not spread by bacteria but by unseen energy absorption. It caused the toilet paper index and has left millions in fear and panic.

It’s the social contagion pandemic.

Every person on this planet has fallen victim to social contagions at one point or another! I’m going to share vital methods you can use to protect and rid yourself of these contagions, so that you can live happily and peacefully in the world.

Symptoms of social contagions

Have you ever been on the phone with somebody who is anxious? Once you get off the phone with them even though they may be five states away, suddenly you begin to exude that same gripping anxiety that they had. Yet you didn’t feel this before talking to the other person. This is an example of a social contagion manifesting it’s symptoms. This happens through the exchange of unseen energy that spreads from one person to the next.

Symptoms of social contagions include:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • All other low emotional states

Social contagions are the most potent type of illness because it can infect multitudes of people with uncontrollable fear because of just one fear-based Facebook post or internet article. It doesn’t even have to be true information shared that causes emotional calamity. It is the energy behind what is written or said that can

cause a detrimental ripple effect.

If you fit this description, you’re at a much higher risk.

Whether you are an introvert, or an extrovert other people’s fears and anxieties can find their way to you, especially if you are empathic. Empathic people feel, absorb and sense energy even if they are not directly exposed to it in the physical realm and are more susceptible to social contagions than others.

Have you ever felt, anxious, sad, or depressed for absolutely no emotional or physiological reason? There is a massive probability that you are empathic or “sensitive” to subtle energy.

You may not recognize you’re an empathic person yet. I didn’t.

I was born an intuitive empath even before I made a career of delivering Divine information to people. This means I literally feel and absorb energy from all those around me. I used to even think that this was a curse. I felt different, weird and confused. For 18 years this owned me. I was a pastor’s kid. I’d be sitting in church and be simply overwhelmed because a person would enter the room and I would literally feel their energy as if it was my own. This includes thought forms, beliefs, and even physical ailments. I have also had visions, dreams or ‘knowings” about most major personal/world events and natural disasters.

Later in my life I learned that this is nothing to be ashamed of. This is a gift! It’s nothing to hide but rather a way to deeply serve the world with somewhat of a superpower I had been given. Now I use it in a way that positively impacts lives around the globe every day!

If you are a person that looks at the world with love and compassion in this same way, please understand that the world needs you now more than ever!

How It Spreads

When you mix anxiety with any challenging situation, then hold this emotional vibration while sharing it with others, this creates a REAL pandemic. Think of the word pandemic. Even at a glance you see the word “panic”, or “pandemonium”.

What happens physiologically when someone is infected by a social contagion is a blockage to the prefrontal cortex. This is the part of the brain that makes cognitive decisions that are clear, rational and reasonable. This is why you see people taking drastic measures to create a sense of certainty in their lives (like buying all the toilet paper).

Everybody buying toilet paper didn’t just start because they woke up one morning and decided to buy all the toilet paper to hoard for the next six months. Everybody started buying toilet paper because of a seed of fear, uncertainty and scarcity. This was derived from how they perceived what they heard on the news.

The next wave of people went to the store for groceries and saw everybody else buying copious amounts of toilet paper. They figured they must be missing something in all the panic, so they also loaded up on extensive amounts of toilet paper.

Of course, this inspired the 5 people in line behind them to run back for toilet paper. Which fearfully inspired all the people who saw these people’s panicked Facebook posts. So, they also ran out and bought giant amounts toilet paper.

A virus never started the “Toilet Paper Index”, people’s fear of the virus did. Social contagions are the most vicious plague the globe has fallen victim. It was never the virus itself, it was the response to the virus that created a mass hysteria.

Did we really need all that toilet paper? Or did we just need to remember to wash our hands, give others a respectful space bubble and boost our immune systems? No matter the answer, this is a prime example of how a social contagion spreads.

Treatment of social contagions

My goal is not to beat the drum of what’s going wrong but to create awareness of the real pandemic and share solutions. This way we can be a catalyst for change!

Just as we can fall prey to social contagions, we can also be a powerful catalyst of light that can positively affect the world around us with hope, peace and love. The change starts with you.

Below are 4 steps to treat social contagions for a positive outcome.

1. You are the anecdote!

By giving and living LOVE you are the creator of a powerful shift!

With this understanding, cleaning up your thought life you will deeply impact the state of human consciousness and create a positive shift in this world! Your love and compassion in this world is needed now more than ever! In fact, it may feel for many of you that your entire life has led up to this exact moment. I will let you in on a big message of truth. IT HAS!!! We need you in the fullness of your LOVE power NOW!

Realize what is really happening, hit the delete button when undesirable thoughts form and commit to being a force for GOOD! This is the first step is recognizing and throwing up the giant STOP sign to any undesired emotions that try to take root in your mind. You’re not a victim, you are the solution.

2. Let go of any energy, relationship or activity that is not serving you.

This is the most powerful way to protect your energy and emotional state. Be free! People are on lockdown everywhere but it’s time to put the media on lockdown. You are not obligated to watch the news and stay up on every new vibration-lowering Facebook post that is surfacing.

Recognize when you feel the seeds of an emotional virus and choke out whatever source planted that seed. Then consciously choose HIGH VIBRATIONAL STATES OF AWARENESS.

3. Fill your time being the solution by elevating your own personal vibration.

You are aware and you are taking precautions. The rest is fear-induced mental programming which will create emotional congestion. You must have the courage to draw the boundary line around your mental and emotional state.

Mediate, listen to encouraging podcasts, talk to uplifting people and read encouraging books. Protect your mental space like it’s your job. Raise awareness around LOVE, and truth. Embrace new thought forms! Peace, LOVE, and connection feel better in the mind than panic and anxiety. You get to choose!

Emotional states that feel good open up the HEART CENTER allowing us the ability to reconnect the prefrontal cortex and feel the peace of higher emotional vibrational thoughts. These feelings shift the reality that we are experiencing one thought form at a time. The inner world is always creating your outer world.

3. Prioritize self-care. LOVE YOURSELF!

Instead of solely making sure everybody else is alright, look in the mirror and make sure THAT person is alright first! You’re stuck in your home; this is the perfect opportunity to recharge your own battery with plenty of sleep and meditation.

Follow this up by filling your cup to overflowing with daily P.D. My clients know that P.D. means personal development. Personal development is reading or listening to something everything to encourage and grow your mind and soul! Pick a great book, audiobook or podcast that will uplift you and help you grow into the person that you desire to be! Spend no less than 15 minutes per day doing this PD! It will change the way that you view and react within your world!

If you are having a particularly difficult time with emotional contagions, bump that time way up. Many of my personal clients listen to P.D. audios for 2 hours a day in the background while they’re doing laundry, dishes or driving. They rapidly retrain their minds in this way! You can to! You must respect and love yourself enough to fill your own cup first!


It’s true social contagion is a massive pandemic, but YOU are the antidote! You can be a force for good, a solution for positive change and protect yourself from these energies that are floating around seeking who they may devour.

I want to hear from YOU! How helpful are these mood boosters? What will you do this week to create positive change in this area?

Due to the massive influx of social contagions, I opened my schedule for discounted first time 1-1 sessions for as long as I have availability!

Schedule a session with me to raise your emotional vibration and receive helpful Divine messages NOW. It’s your turn to feel happy, peaceful and free!

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