Your Child’s health – 10 Tips For Raising a Fit Kid

10 tips for kids health

10 tips for kids healthKids health is on every parent’s mind, every day. Raising a child that is fit will also help them stay healthy.

Our most precious commodity is our children and their well being is the number one concern of every parent. It’s been shown that children who are fit, are typically not prone to as many medical issues as those that are not. Additionally, improving the health of kids through exercise and proper nutrition will help them become accustomed to a healthier lifestyle and healthier nutrition habits.

With that in mind, if you’re looking for quick tips on kids health, here’s 10 that will help you raise a fit and healthy kid.

  1. Serve fresh spring water at every meal! The days of milk with dinner are long gone.  Not only does milk rack up the calories at meal time, it also reduces your child’s desire for water and fresh whole foods. Have pure filtered water available within your child’s reach all day long. Say goodbye to concentrated fruit juices, sugary drinks and ever sugar free-flavored drinks. Watch your child’s energy levels and immune system soar as their desire for pure water increases.
  2. Focus on natural foods at snack time. Let the little ones munch on fruits and vegetables as opposed to high prepackaged “empty” foods. Try celery with almond butter, or fun cored apples with veggie chips instead. Crackers, chips and cookies may be easy to distribute but they are a major contributor to childhood obesity. Next time your little one asks for a snack tell them to choose chose something else that is fresh and grew in the ground. That is a great way to see if they are grasping the concepts of whole foods and a fun way to start a conversation about caring for their bodies.
  3. Keep fresh whole foods at eye level in the fridge. Let the first sight they see in the fridge be an explosion of colorful fruits and vegetables to choose from. What your child sees at eye level will be the first viable food option. Try these amazing tips to get your children to fall in love with veggies.
  4. Consider that there may be underlying emotional issues that can be contributing to current patterns of unhealthy eating. Emotional eating can present itself in many ways. If you see patterns that are concerning you should ask questions without judgment, then be a supportive listener. The goal is to help your child distinguish physical food cravings from emotional food cravings. Help your little one come up with solutions outside of food and healthy outlets for emotions.
  5. Let your family time revolve around physical activity as opposed to food.
  6. Find safe and low fat ways to prepare food. An example is skipping the fryer while charbroiling on a ridged pan for lower fat chicken, fish and meat preparation. Fat is vital for children but it must come from healthy, natural sources.
  7. Remove all processed and prepackaged foods, refined sugars and starches in addition to gluten and casein. This will not only optimize their health today but will also lessen their chances of developing adult onset diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Feed those babies from earth.
  8. Serve dinner on smaller plates and in small bowls giving the illusion of more food and discouraging overeating. I have eaten out of tea cups most of my adult life for this reason. Now my mini sits right beside me with her tea cup of fresh raspberries or vegetable soup. Make serving healthy food fun by delivering heart shaped vegetable snacks and in colorful silicone cupcake molds.
  9. Eat at the table. Though walking around may be considered cardiovascular activity, it may lead to careless eating leading to increased consumption. Eating food at the table discourages mindless TV snacking as well. Table time is a precious break in your day to discover what your child is thinking about.
  10. Your children will learn what is healthy and build their food patterns by watching you. No pressure, right?! As parents, we have the responsibility to not only set examples but to teach them as well. It’s up to us to become more educated, teach and keep it fun.

Commit your best to your kids.  Print these tips out and stick them to your refrigerator if you have to.  You are setting patterns for your children early on that they will carry with them the rest of their lives.  Putting your child’s health first today will help their bodies will thrive for their lifetime!


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